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Let’s watch Roman Reigns run into Braun Strowman’s boot again and again

Don’t get worked up Roman Empire... this is not an anti-Reigns thing. I like the Big Dog just fine, as does a sizeable portion of the Cageside Community (I mean, not everyone, of course, but what are you gonna do?).

This is a pro-watching-guys-get-kicked-in-the-face (shoulder, whatevs... you get my point) thing. That’s at least part of why we watch pro wrestling, right?

And WWE may have edited it out from the video clip they released of Roman and Braun Strowman’s segment on Raw last night (May 8), but thanks to the magic of the internet, we can watch the Monster Among Men get some offense in before slinking away through the crowd to the disabled list.

Here he is breaking up what might have been a spear through the barricade by putting his boot right on Romey’s damaged wing and sending him down hard:

See? That’s fun no matter whether you cheer or boo the Big Dog.

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