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Kurt Angle wanted the milk truck for his WWE Hall of Fame induction

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Kurt Angle headlined the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame class and he gave one hell of a speech to cap a long but entertaining evening. That included capping it off with a milk bath.

But he wanted to do even more.

As he told WrestleZone Radio, he wanted the milk truck:

“They didn’t let me do everything I wanted to do. I wanted to drive the milk truck into the arena. The higher ups said, 'That’s a little too much.'"

Yes, that’s too much but it’s pro wrestling! Everything is too much! How epic would it have been if he came rolling out in the milk truck and hosed down all those Hall of Famers wearing suits sitting in the crowd? That’s how you sell Network subscriptions.

This is a missed opportunity I don’t think we can ever forgive.

HT: Fightful

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