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Put WrestleMania at The Colosseum

WWE kicked off its European tour with a stop in Rome this week and that meant a visit to The Colosseum. Naturally, they released this video with Big Cass:

"How you doin, WWE Universe? I'm Big Cass and I'm here in Rome. We're kicking off the European and we're here in the Colosseum. It's just an absolutely marvelous structure. What do you think, maybe we could have a WrestleMania here. I mean, 2000 years ago if WrestleMania was here put a little armor on me I think I'd do pretty good as a gladiator. What do you think?"

Which, whatever, it’s definitely a slow news day and all that jazz but a WrestleMania in The Colosseum would be incredible. It would never happen, of course, but it can open a discussion on how we really need more variety from the biggest show of the year. They’re already headed back to New Orleans next year, just a couple years after running the same area, and they’ve run cities like Orlando multiple times.

Sure, the time difference would create an issue but why not run a major show at a big stadium overseas? It should happen.

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