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Why the Bully Ray character wouldn’t work in WWE, according to Bully Ray


Remember when Bully Ray said we were just one day away from getting that character in WWE? Now he’s back to explain why it wouldn’t work, as he told ESPN in an interview:

"I mean [the WWE] have other characters there that do bully-ish type things, but the whole basis of Bully Ray is he is the quintessential bully. His entire character is built around bullying people. Built around making people do things against their will. And with the business they have going on now -- the Be a STAR program and more PG-rated stuff, bullying being such a sensitive subject around an entire world -- it just wasn't gonna work out."

That sounds like a creative fear that he would never be able to push the envelope to get heat for the character. He’s probably right, too, especially considering recent stories surrounding JBL and Mauro Ranallo’s departure from the company.

It’s too bad, really. We need a vile bully willing to do anything to look as awful as possible. Then again, Roman Reigns would probably be the babyface tasked with giving the bully his comeuppance and let’s all be thankful we can avoid that conversation.

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