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Vickie Guerrero on a WWE return: ‘I get that bug every once in a while’

It’s been a few years since Vickie Guerrero left WWE to start a new career away from the spotlight. That doesn’t mean she’s gone forever, of course, considering she returned for a guest spot last year to tease becoming General Manager of SmackDown Live.

As she told Memorabilia Guy, she’d absolutely be back if Vince McMahon came calling:

“I get that bug every once in awhile. I look in the ring and think – God I just want to be in there for one moment, one more time – so never say never. If Vince ever called and said ‘We need you again, Guerrero’ my answer would simply be – ‘When?’ That adrenaline can only be found in the ring.”

Considering both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live have Commissioners and General Managers already in place, there isn’t really any room for her on the roster right now. Then again, Kurt Angle still has the itch to wrestle and Daniel Bryan is off to be with his wife for the birth of their baby.


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