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Fans, AJ Lee will not let Big E forget that time he almost broke her chest

While promoting her first book, Crazy is My Superpower, AJ Mendez-Brooks, better known to WWE fans as former Divas champ AJ Lee, told a great story about pranking her friend and on-screen muscle Big E.

In his pre-New Day days, E’s walk to the ring was more flexing and stretching than skipping and gyrating, and on one particular aggressive rep he slammed his forearm and fist into AJ’s chest. She was sore, he felt bad, so... she proceeded to play up her injury to make him feel REALLY BAD. What are friends for?

In case you don’t remember the moment which started the “shattered sternum” rib, don’t worry! Fans are still Tweeting him about it!

E is getting tired of being reminded, himself...

But he’s not gonna get any help from AJ:

It’s almost enough to make a guy so frustrated he could scream!

Never change, you two.

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