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The Total Bellas Season 2 trailer is here!

We recently bid farewell to the sixth season of Total Divas, but we have to truck through the summer before we get the second season of its spin-off Total Bellas set to premiere in the fall. In the meantime, we have the Bellas YouTube channel and this trailer to hold us over.

The first season featured Brie and Bryan moving to Tampa to help Nikki in her recovery after a serious neck surgery. This season, the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Cena return the favor for the expectant parents.

From WWE:

The second season will feature eight one-hour episodes and will give viewers exclusive access as WWE Superstars Nikki Bella and John Cena temporarily relocate to Phoenix to help Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan through their first pregnancy.

With The Bellas' careers outside of the ring expanding rapidly each day, Brie’s baby bump growing by the minute and Bryan constantly traveling under his new role as General Manager of SmackDown LIVE, the soon-to-be first time parents are in need of some serious help around the house and in the office.

Brie had previously said she planned on filming the birth for Total Bellas and recently revealed how her labor went on the Bellas' YouTube channel. So get ready because it sounds harrowing. I’ll summarize from the YouTube video so you don’t feel left out: Brie got induced, was in labor over 20 hours, pushing for 3 (omg) hours, Birdie's heart rate started dropping and doctors realized she got stuck in the birth canal (!), it wound up being an emergency C-section.

So, yeah. I’m surprised there’s no outright mention of the very public proposal in the trailer, but I’m sure they’ll hype that as the premiere grows closer.

Are you excited for season 2?

I personally am hoping we see Bryan order John Cena to use a composting toilet!

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