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WWE NXT results, live blog (May 31, 2017): Tommaso Ciampa explains

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the latest airing of WWE NXT in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on WWE Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

We'll post match results here, and we will also have our regular reactions post later. In the meantime, and most importantly, this gives you Cagesiders a dedicated place to rave and/or bitch about whatever happens on WWE’s third brand - during its initial broadcast!

NOTE: Spoilers are out there for these pre-taped broadcasts (including here), but many Cagesiders don't partake. If you are going to post or discuss spoilers for this show before they happen, or results of future shows, please use the spoiler bar in your comment.

Enjoy the show!

- New open!

- Tommaso Ciampa (in street clothes & on a crutch) makes his way to the ring as Tom Phillips, Percy Watson & Nigel McGuinness are introducing the show. In the ring, he drops the crutch and grabs a mic. He lets the crowd do dueling chants and boo him for a bit, then asks Johnny Gargano to come to the ring as he feels he should give Gargano an explanation. Then he remembers Johnny’s not here tonight! The fans don’t like that, and Tommaso asks if they want to replace him? He asks if we want to know about being replaced? In the past two weeks, he’s learned a lot of life lessons. When he got injured before TakeOver: Chicago, people asked if he would be able to compete. He had the answer - of course he was going to fight. That’s what he does, that’s what #DIY is all about. But it didn’t even take a day for people to start dreaming about replacements for him. Ciampa set that aside, and said let’s go fight, because that’s what they do. In the ladder, he felt something pop in his knee. He’s been in this business for a long time, and he knows the difference between being hurt and being injured, and this was the latter. But he kept fighting for the fans, and for his brother, Johnny Gargano. When they came up short, he realized something. Just like the fans were ready to replace him, he knew Johnny would replace him, too. It’s not his fault. It’s the fans fault. It’s Gargano’s fault. #DIY had something special, but we ruined it. So he decided that if he had to go away for a while, so did Johnny. #DIY was us and them. Chicago was supposed to be our moment. But it wasn’t. It was Ciampa’s moment. He is a 32 year old man, and there’s something he knows - for him, the ring is not replaceable. He’s not replaceable, and Johnny’s not either. The fans are! He’s not gonna tell them a sob story about how he’s gonna come back stronger. When he comes back, he’s gonna be the most dangerous son of a bitch in all of NXT, because HE IS PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING... whether we like it or not!

- Promo package on Danny Burch

- Phillips confirms Ciampa needs “major knee surgery”; no update on Gargano because he’s not talking to anyone

- Interview with Bobby Roode in a limo. He says there will be a Glorious Celebration... but we’re not invited. He will return next week, though.

- UK champ Pete Dunne def. Danny Burch via pinfall following Bitter End

- Dunne on the mic... since January, he had to watch some boy carry a championship which belonged to him. History will show the WWE’s United Kingdom brand began when the title and everything else in it belonged to the Bruiserweight.

- Kayla Braxton has an interview with Velveteen Dream, but he cuts her off because the “ambiance” isn’t right. If they fix the set and Kayla’s hair, maybe... just maybe...

- Authors of Pain hype video narrated by Paul Ellering. The Book of Pain’s prologue was vanquishing past champions. Akam & Rezar are children of war forging a new destiny. The Book of Pain is closed. The Book of Dominance is opened.

- Cezar Bononi def. Andrade “Cien” Almas via pinfall after he counters a suplex with a roll-up

- Cien is pissed initially and grabs a chair from the timekeepers area, but then laughs it off, shrugs and leaves

- Billie & Peyton are shooting an Iconic video in the Performance Center when Ember Moon walks in a “ruins” their shot. They mock her for being out injured, but then a trainer walks up and says she has to sign her medical release. The Aussies look concerned and Moon gives them a smile before walking off.

- Phillips announces a Triple Threat elimination match for the Women’s title in two weeks between Asuka, Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross

- The post-TakeOver video of Hideo Itami freaking out and getting heated with Kassius Ohno is shown, then footage from “earlier today” of Itami and Ohno shaking hands in the parking lot is shown as they announce Hideo will face Oney Lorcan next week.

- Kassius Ohno & Roderick Strong def. SAnitY (Eric Young & Alexander Wolfe) via pinfall when Roddy pins EY after End of Heartache... No Way Jose made his first appearance since being taken out before TakeOver: Orlando to serve as the equalizer when Killian Dain tried to get involved

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