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Austin Aries’ new book ‘just might change your life’

The Greatest Man that Ever Lived has a book coming out!

That’s probably all the info you need, right?

Ah, okay. Yesterday on social media, Austin Aries was hyping a big announcement and now we know what it is. His first book “Food Fight” is available for pre-order and will be released in June.

Grey Publishing

It sure sounds interesting. You could even say it sounds bananas. From the website:

In this revealing memoir, Austin recounts his all-American Midwest upbringing, his less-than-legal post-college career choices, the life-changing moment when he began his wrestling training, and the adventures he encountered over his decade-long rise through the ranks of the indie wrestling world.

Along the way, Austin also details his ongoing food education and the personal awakening that gradually led him to swear off eating any and all animal products.

But this book is not about veganism. It's not really about wrestling, either.

It's about a decision every person has to make: Will you blindly color inside the lines that society has drawn for you? Or will you question the system, think for yourself, and have the bravery to make your own rules?

It also cautions the book “just might change your life.” Aries tagged in best-selling author and sports writer Mike Tully (whose new publishing house is printing the book as their first ever title).

And there’s a limited edition shirt!

Neville is also assisting with marketing by keeping with the theme and using the hashtag!

Are you going to buy?

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