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The Hardys are on their first international tour in years

There are several new faces who weren’t on WWE’s last overseas tour who are joining WWE for their latest trip to the United Kingdom and Europe over the next week-plus, but none bigger than Raw tag team champions The Hardy Boyz.

Their presence is noteworthy for a few reasons.

One, of course, because they’re big stars whose return to WWE has generated a lot of buzz. But it’s also because Jeff hasn’t been allowed to travel to the UK for several years as the result of a plea arrangement stemming from a 2009 arrest for drug possession and trafficking. Impact Wrestling watchers know it all too well, as for the many years Jeff was one of their top stars, they would have to write him out of storylines before heading across the Atlantic.

Well, the Charismatic Enigma is obviously there, as the above video from WWE showing the brothers getting ready for the May 3 show in Rome proves:

Matt: We’re here in Rome. It’s our first European tour in many, many years. We are excited to be here. I know you’re excited, right?

Jeff: Oh for sure. It’s been like seven, eight years, and I can’t wait to get out there and tear it up!

Jeff is also advertised for all the UK shows over the next ten days.

That’s possible because, according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but recommended) the travel ban in his plea deal expired in October of 2016.

So, if you were like me and wondered if Vince McMahon just has better lawyers than Dixie Carter - that doesn’t appear to be the case (I mean, he surely does, but that’s not why Jeff is headed to London).

Hopefully Europe is ready to get Xtreme!

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