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WWE's upcoming schedule is insane

Following the broadcast of their respective shows this week, the rosters of WWE Raw and SmackDown hopped on planes and flew to Europe.

What follows is one of the craziest stretches of their year, with a show a day for more than ten days across several countries. But it does include the first taping of the new United Kingdom show for WWE Network, which will also utilize Raw & 205 Live’s cruiserweights, according to PWInsider.

Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne and the stars of the UK Championship Tournament are also scheduled to work several blue brand shows, so they’ll be getting a taste of this whirlwind WWE lifestyle, too.

Check it out:

May 3 - Rome, Italy (Raw)
May 4 - Bolonga, Italy (Raw)
May 4 - Glasgow, Scotland (SmackDown)
May 5 - Dublin, Ireland (Raw)
May 5 - Cardiff, Wales (SmackDown)
May 6 - Valencia, Spain (SmackDown)
May 6 - Norwich, England (WWE UK Championship TV taping)
May 6 - Belfast, Northern Ireland (Raw)
May 7 - A Coruna, Spain (SmackDown)
May 7 - Norwich, England (WWE UK Championship TV Taping)
May 7 - Liverpool (Raw)
May 8 - London, England (Raw taping)
May 8 - Bournemouth, England (SmackDown)
May 9 - London, England (SmackDown & 205 Live taping)
May 9 - Lille, France (Raw)
May 10 - Zurich, Switzerland (Raw)
May 10 - Birmingham, England (SmackDown)
May 11 - Stuttgart, Germany (Raw)
May 11 - Sheffield, England (SmackDown)
May 12 - Liege, Belgium (Raw)
May 12 - Newcastle, England (SmackDown)
May 13 - Stockholm Sweden (SmackDown)
May 13 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Raw)
May 14 - Copenhagen, Denmark (SmackDown)

This doesn't count the numerous appearances, interviews and signings they'll be called on to do in places the company only stops once or twice a year.

Then back home, and right back to work before a mid-week break:

May 15 - Newark (Raw taping)
May 16 - Manchester, NH (SmackDown & 205 Live taping)

I need a nap just looking at it.

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