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WWE Raw results, live blog (May 29, 2017): Extreme Rules go home show

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (May 29, 2017) from the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina, featuring the go home show to the upcoming Extreme Rules pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for this Sunday night in Baltimore, Maryland.

Advertised for tonight: Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins, Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Samoa Joe, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


Tremble beneath the weight of inevitability, and all the casualties therein. Cower in the shadow of the ever-present sun, witness eclipsing, eclipsing, eclipsed! Is it completely void? Or is the truth in shade? Are all the facts before us a masquerade? I dunno, folks, all I know is I'm here to liveblog this here wrestling show.

The show opens with a Memorial Day video package narrated by John Cena before playing the Raw intro video.

Commentary hypes up the matches Kurt Angle made last week and then Miz makes his entrance, flanked by Maryse.

Miz welcomes us to MizTV and says they're feeling good, like, real good, and kisses Maryse. This is because on Sunday he gets to wrestle Dean Ambrose, a lying, backstabbing, cheating thief who stole his Intercontinental Championship. Two weeks ago he earned an opportunity for the title and Dean intentionally disqualified himself, so Miz went and demanded another match.

But not just any match, when your opponent is a habitual rulebreaker, you know the type, so he made it a match where a disqualification leads to a title change. Miz rolls tape of him getting Ambrose DQ'd last week to make the point. So if that happens again, he becomes Intercontinental Champion for the seventh time.

And speaking of former and future champions, his guest tonight, oh baby, they're future Raw Tag Team Champions, it's Cesaro & Sheamus! Miz puts them over, saying nobody works harder than them, nobody deserves being a champion more, besides maybe him. They scraped and clawed and earned that moment at WrestleMania only for the Hardy Boyz to show up unannounced and steal their spotlight.

Cesaro agrees, saying it's really a shameful thing. Sheamus adds that the most shameful thing is all these people turning their backs on Cesaro when the Hardyz showed up. They're not loyal to anybody, they're fickle, all about the new toy. So at Extreme Rules, they're going to break the new toy and win back their tag team titles.

Miz talks about Cesaro & Sheamus being mistreated before going back to talking about how he thinks he made the Intercontinental Championship something and Dean dragged it through the muck. So when he wins the title the Miz Intercontinental Championship Comeback Tour will headline arenas worldwide.

Enter Dean Ambrose. He says he just couldn't help but think that somebody needed to come out here and shut their mouths. Miz tells him to do the math, it's three on one and he's either crazy or stupid. Dean chuckles and says he might be crazy but he's not stupid...

Enter the Hardy Boyz! They hit the ring and brawl but Miz and Maryse bail immediately! Dean and the Hardyz run Cesaro & Sheamus off and stand tall in the ring to send us to break.

Back from commercial and a match is in progress!

Cesaro, Sheamus, & the Miz vs. Dean Ambrose & Hardy Boyz (Jeff & Matt Hardy)

The Hardyz are working Cesaro over, Jeff is the legal man. Snapmare, dropkick to the back, arm wringer, tag to Matt, he comes in with an elbow to the arm. Arm wringer, knocks Sheamus off the mat but Cesaro comes in with an uppercut and tags Miz. They put boots to his Broken Brilliance and Sheamus tags in.

Face smash to the turnbuckle, repeated punches, a lariat, only two and the Celtic Warrior locks a reverse chinlock in. Matt out with body blows but Sheamus cuts him right off with a knee lift and soaks the hate in from the crowd. Forearm to the back sets up the Beats of the Bodhran, tag to Cesaro and he comes in with a lariat.

Diving elbow to the back of the neck into a side headlock, Hardy to his feet, but Cesaro knocks Jeff off the apron. Dean in, whip reversed, sliding lariat, elbow to Miz and a slingshot dive! Hanging Cesaro up, up and over, kick, underhooks, Swiss Superman escapes, off the ropes, caught with a knee, Sheamus tags in.

Brogue Kick dodged, Ambrose sends Sheamus over the ropes, Cesaro trips Dean up but Jeff makes the save, sunset flip, Sheamus kicks out! Swinging neckbreaker, Miz cuts him off on the climb and Sheamus knocks Ambrose to the floor with a knee lift to send us to break.

Back from commercial and Miz is laying the Daniel Bran chest kicks in on Dean Ambrose. Dean ducks the buzzsaw, schoolboy for two, Miz gets a nearfall of his own in return and tags Cesaro in. Whip across, Ambrose dodges and Cesaro takes a big bump over the ropes to the outside charging in! Miz runs in, Dean passes him outside, crawling, but Miz yanks the Hardy off the apron!

Sheamus in, White Noise with Cesaro diving for the assist... NO GOOD! Shove in the corner, shoulder thrust, Celtic Warrior sets Ambrose up top, thinking avalanche White Noise but Dean escapes. Throwing punches and headbutts, Sheamus falls to the mat, Ambrose hits the diving elbow! Cesaro tags in, Dean catches him with the pendulum lariat, tags to Miz and Jeff Hardy!

Jeff in with punches, whip reversed, he lands a lariat, Manhattan Drop to the double leg drop and a low dropkick, Twist of Fate, Miz shoves him off, Matt tags in. Poetry in Motion! Side Effect... SHEAMUS BREAKS IT UP! Twist of Fate on Sheamus, uppercut on Jeff, Dirty Deeds on Cesaro, dive on Sheamus, Twist of Fate neckbreaker to Miz, tag to Jeff...

Dean Ambrose & Hardy Boyz (Jeff & Matt Hardy) over Cesaro, Sheamus, & the Miz by pinfall with a Swanton Bomb from Jeff on the Miz.

Commentary has a discussion, in the middle of which Corey Graves gets a text or something and ups and leaves, which is strange. They announce a This Is Your Life for Bayley for later and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Kurt Angle is looking at his phone and the camera pans over to Corey Graves. Kurt reads it, and it's somebody talking about him besmirching his status as an Olympic gold medalist. Corey says he believes in the job Kurt is doing and will help him in any way he can. Angle says if whatever it is is true, it could ruin him.

Toss to the Drifter in the ring, singing a song about being a nomad who found his home and how he owes Miz for the win last week.

Elias Samson vs. Zac Evans

Circling, collar and elbow, the Drifter knees Zac to the mat before appling a knucklelock and doing the ol' Ricky Steamboat elevated wristlock deal and dropping him to the mat. Evans throwing chops to try and fight back but Elias drops him with a headbutt. A lariat follows, kick to the ribs, to the gut, pummeling him against the ropes as referee John Cone backs him off.

He throws Zac head over heels into the turnbuckles before dragging him to the apron for a few face smashes into the hard edge of the ring. Arguing with Cone, he goes back out, bow and arrow over the ringpost! Penalty Kick connects, elbows, Evans is out on his knees...

Elias Samson wins by pinfall with the rolling cutter.

Corey Graves rejoins the booth and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Samoa Joe is watching Finn Balor's entrance on a monitor when an interview rolls up. He says preparation is simple, you make things more predictable. While everybody's watching Finn's WWE 24 special and feeling feelings, he's doing analysis and learning how to hurt him.

There's the devil you know and the devil you don't and Joe knows Finn very well. As for Bray Wyatt, he's a very, very different man--

(Wyatt noise.)

Bray is in a dark room. He says he's the devil you don't know, but he knows Joe, and Joe is blind. But Wyatt's eyes are wide open, and he sees the future, and he sees the Beast running wild over civilization, the hope of mankind hanging bloody from his fangs. He can see the Beast screaming with deafening wickedness, impaling angels and demons mid-flight. Only one man can beat the Beast, and he's the Eater of Worlds.

He's prepared to wage war with the end of time and leave the carcass of the Beast empty. He will not turn away from this fight, he'll stand up. Finn and Joe and the others will give into their fear and... run.

Finn Balor makes his entrance, and the match is up next after the break.

Back from commercial in time for the rest of our entrances.

Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe

Three-way stand off, Wyatt sits down in the corner and bails, leaving Finn to attack Joe, throwing forearms. Samoa returns jabs and knees, chops in the corner, whip across, Balor to the apron, a kick, and Bray applauds. Finn throws Joe outside, he returns Wyatt to the ring and Balor gets in it with forearms and kicks.

Bray with clubbing blows, knocking Finn down momentarily. Rolling solebutt, forearm scrapes in the corner, but Balor charges into a boot. Gamengiri connects, pin, Joe breaks it up and fires a headbutt off. Knee lifts, Finn is hurting and Samoa throws him outside before moving on to Wyatt. Drawing the Eater of Worlds up by his beard but Balor comes from behind with strikes.

Bray back up, he throws Finn outside and targets Joe but Balor is right back in and throwing hands. Kicks back the Eater of Worlds into the corner and lays Joe out with a kick. Forearm from Wyatt, off the ropes, that huge turning crossbody block and a right hand to keep him down. Slicing right backs Balor up in the corner, he sets him up top but Finn has punches to back him away.

Samoa comes in, catching Balor, climbing to meet him, thinking superplex, Bray gets under, Tower of Doom! Wyatt fired up, hanging from the turnbuckles, Sister Abigail clutched but Joe comes in with the Coquina Clutch! Finn breaks it up with a boot, stomping a mudhole in Samoa!

A boot for Bray, off the ropes for a tope con giro and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Joe is punching Balor in the corner. He and Wyatt ally to run Finn over and put boots to him from front and behind. Bray choking Balor over the top rope, Samoa with more jabs and boots, and Finn wakes up, throwing forearms and chops. Headlock, overhead elbows on Joe but Wyatt comes from behind with a body avalanche!

Body avalanche from Samoa, another from Bray, two on one elbows again and Joe hits a Manhattan Drop, big boot, senton combo to wipe Balor out again. Samoa off the ropes and Wyatt lays him out! Turning his attention back to Finn, but he slips out of the big Rock Bottom, hits a Pele kick, and both men are wiped out.

Boot up on a charge, elbows, a dropkick, Joe back in and he wipes Balor out with a lariat. Backsplash and an enzuigiri for Bray, off the ropes and Finn knocks Samoa outside! Dropkick, Penalty Kick from the apron! Around the ring, shotgun dropkick for Wyatt, one for Joe and Balor is fired up!

He roles Samoa back in the ring, running chops, corner-to-corner, but Joe catches him with the big Rock Bottom! Coquina Clutch applied but Finn steps up the turnbuckles and breaks the hold, following it with a double stomp! He ducks a lariat from Wyatt, slips out of Sister Abigail, double leg takedown into a double stomp as Joe rises!

Sling Blade countered into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, Samoa turns to Bray, who rises with the spider walk! He charges in, Sister Abigail connects but Joe rolls under the ropes! Finn clobbers the Eater of Worlds from behind, Sling Blade, shotgun dropkick, Coup de Grace but Joe runs back in and throws Balor into the ringpost! Samoa slides over...

Samoa Joe wins by pinfall with a lateral press.

Backstage, Seth Rollins is interviewed about his match with Roman Reigns later tonight. He says over the past few months he's gotten to know Samoa Joe quite well since he turns up every time he turns his back. But if he's more familiar with someone than Joe, it's Roman, with their complicated history.

They had great times and not-so-great times, but no matter what, he knows two things-- when they get in the ring it's a war because they both want to be the very best, and the second thing is that Seth Freakin' Rollins owns Roman Reigns. He doesn't see anything different tonight, and when he cracks Reigns in the head with his knee, he's gonna be sending a message to everyone.

He's no stranger to changing the course of history in WWE, and Sunday he's gonna do it again.

Sasha Banks and Rich Swann are hanging out backstage, Swann will wrestle Noam Dar after the break.

Back from commercial in time for entrances and a recap.

Noam Dar vs. Rich Swann

Dar right in with a blindside shot at the jump, punch, face smash into the turnbuckle, Swann fighting back with rights, whip, up and over, kick to the gut, Noam with an arm wringer that takes him to the mat for a quick cover. Folding his arm up for the elbow stomp, seated rear chinlock and he's fish-hooking the nose.

Jim Breaks Special, Rich fighting back, more rights but Dar has the wrist too firmly. Kneeling armbar, working the fingers, Swann to his feet and Noam backs him in the corner and wrenches his arm over the rope as referee Darrick Moore counts. Back elbow from Rich, drop toehold, block a lariat, throwing punches, lariat, rolling solebutt, off the ropes, somersault leg drop! Only a nearfall!

Basement roundhouse kick, dragging Dar into position, climbing up top, Alicia Fox looks to get involved and Sasha Banks takes care of her...

Rich Swann wins by pinfall with the Phoenix Splash.

Swann dances in the ring to celebrate and it takes a little convincing but the Boss joins him. Commentary hypes up our main event again and we go to break.

Back from commercial and the Revival are interviewed backstage. Dawson says they've been out because Wilder's jaw is wired shut, but it's not gonna be long before they're back. He's asked about Enzo Amore being attacked last week and Scott has no idea, saying it must be a "gotcha" question.

They play video of Sasha being interviewed last week that features Dash and Dawson walking backstage. Scott says of course they were here last week, they do work here after all. They've been here almost every week, in fact, they're just off doing Top Guy things. Enzo is a bottom feeder and the Revival won't waste their time with him. Top Guys out.

Commentary recaps the excellent Tozawa/Kendrick street fight (DUCT TAPE?!) from 205 Live last week and Big Cass comes down to berate Corey for perceived slights. Graves talks his way out of it and Cass gives him an intimidating handshake before leaving.

On that note, we go to break.

Back from commercial, Kalisto makes his entrance.

Titus gets a picture-in-picture promo, telling Apollo Crews that he has a front-row seat to see his charisma and excellence, reminding him to do what he says and what he does and to make it a win.

Kalisto vs. Titus O'Neil

Titus grabbing Kalisto by the head but the luchador gets back into it with kicks. Dodge, dropkick to the back of the head, headscissors driver! Off the ropes, Kalisto with a boot to the head, wheelbarrow, O'Neil reverses...

Titus O'Neil wins by pinfall with a victory roll pin and a handful of tights.

Apollo gently chides Titus for grabbing the tights but O'Neil says that's how you do it.

Alexa Bliss is walking backstage, she'll be hosting This Is Your Life after the break.

Back from commercial, Alexa Bliss makes her entrance.

She begins talking about her title match and explains the rules, where the first person to get the kendo stick can legally use it to inflict pain. She knows we're all doubting Bayley knows what to do with the kendo stick, and we all saw last week that she couldn't pull the trigger.

But she knew to really understand Bayley she had to dig deep into her past and she can't wait to show us. So she hits the theme music and surveys the Bayley artifacts she has on the table before her. She has Bayley's first doll, that she's had since she was two years-- wait, no, she thinks she still plays with it, nevermind.

Next up, a trophy, which Bliss wonders what Bayley won it for. She reads it off, it's Best in Sportsmanship. Alexa is incredulous about that idea. She has slinkies, yo-os, oh, Bayley's yearbook! Bayley was voted Most Likely to Apologize, and actually she believes that one. But enough of that, onto the good stuff, and she has some people from Bayley's past in the ring with her.

First up, Bayley's fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Flapper. She asks what Bayley was like as a student, and Mrs. Flapper says she was a nice girl, perfect attendance, always sat in the first row, next to her father. Alexa asks her to go on, and Flapper says Bayley couldn't be away from her dad for long or she'd start to cry. Bliss clarifies like, tears, and talks about how embarrassing that must be.

Next up, Bayley's childhood best friend, Tracy Havalina. She says Bayley was the nicest girl ever and says people took advantage of that, making her do their homework and putting the blame on her. Nobody wanted to be Bayley's friend except her and they were inseparable until Bayley wanted to stay in and watch wrestling rather than go hang out with her like a normal child.

Bliss asks for clarity before revealing that she was kidding because we're all sick of hearing how WWE was her childhood dream. But hey, it explains why Bayley dresses like a twelve-year-old. Last but not least, Bayley's ex-boyfriend, Phil Johnson. He says she was very nice and Alexa butters him up, asking him to cut to the chase and talk about their first date.

He says it was okay but kinda strange, because Bayley brought her dad along. To the movies, to eat, everywhere. They had a moment one night, he thought they were gonna kiss, he closed his eyes, nothing, and when he opened them he discovered he almost kissed her dad! But the fact of the matter is he only dated Bayley because he wanted to get close to Tracy.

Tracy is stunned and asks if he's serious and they kiss. Alexa tells Bayley that this is her life and the Hugger makes her way down to the ring. Bliss stomps her on her way in the ring but Bayley turns it around into mounted punches! Side headlock takeover, more mounted punches, big forearm from Alexa, back suplex from Bayley!

She throws a few things from the table at Bliss before pointing to the kendo stick and climbing, but Alexa cuts her off before going under the table for a kendo stick she planted earlier and cracking it across her back.

Commentary shills for the WWE Network and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Enzo Amore has been laid out again, with EMTs tending to him. Big Cass checks on him and yells at Kurt Angle about the Revival but Kurt says he saw them leave. Big insists that it must have been them. Angle tells Cass to go somewhere to calm down but Big refuses to leave, dragging Enzo up and checking on him.

Austin Aries & Jack Gallagher vs. Neville & TJ Perkins TJP

Aries and TJP to start, jawing at each other in the middle of the ring. Austin in with a kick, face smash, tag to Gallagher. Jack wrenches a side headlock in, Perkins reverses to one of his own, and Gallagher has a handstand escape. Off the ropes, drop down, leapfrog blocked, Jack throws him off, TJ backs him in the corner and tags Neville in.

Tossing Gallagher in the corner, headstand, down with the kick, dropkick, flying mare into a side headlock, tag to A Double. Neville bails and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Neville is in control against Gallagher, forcing him into the corner and putting the boot to him before choking him. Snapmare, a wicked dropkick to the back of the head, only two. Kneeling on Jack's face, the King jaws at Aries and turns around into a pair of headbutts to the gut. One-handed face smash into the mat, Neville poses for the crowd and stomps the side of Gallagher's head in.

Another stomp, the King tells the crowd it's their fault and tags TJP in. Perkins with a snapmare, to the apron, slingshot senton atomico, only two. Stepping on his face and dabbing at A Double, wristlock to a stepover armbar, rear chinlock, Jack fighting it so TJ shifts him to a reverse chinlock and does a handstand to cinch it in.

Gallagher forcing himself to seated, to one knee, elbows out of it but right into a knee lift to the gut for two. Aries comes in and TJP has a window to hook Jack's nose and wrench before going back to the arm and then the rear chinlock. Gallagher snaps off a headbutt, both men are down and hungry for a tag and they get 'em! Austin in with elbows and overhand chops!

Duck a lariat, throwing one of his own, whip blocked, rolling solebutt, he ducks a roundhouse and hits a shinbreaker into a flipping back suplex, only good for a nearfall. Jawbreaker, short elbow, the pad is off, he hits the ropes and Perkins trips him up! Jack takes care of TJ, Neville gets back body dropped on the pile, A Double suicide dive!

Aries climbing the turnbuckles, perched up top, missile dropkick but the King sidesteps it! Phoenix Splash comes up empty in return, Austin is ready...

Austin Aries & Jack Gallagher win by submission with Last Chancery from Aries on Neville.

Aries and Gallagher celebrate up the ramp while TJP tries to calm Neville down.

Roman Reigns is interviewed in the locker room, he says he knows what Rollins said and he wants it to be crystal clear-- he doesn't care if they were best friends or worst enemies, but there's not a man on this earth that owns him. The only thing he cares about tonight is showing everyone why he's the Big Dog and this is his yard, and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Neville is walking backstage angrily when he runs into an interview. He's too angry to talk and just runs off.

Commentary recaps Goldust turning on R-Truth and we get another Goldust promo. He says we all go a little mad sometimes, and it takes a lot to reach your breaking point, the moment where you snap like a twig. He's been there, but now he's back in the director's chair, back where he's always belonged.

You see, R-Truth knew the truth, that a star like him was too big for just a supporting role. But instead of letting him shine like gold, Truth held him back, he wanted the spotlight all to himself. Selfish, selfish man. But soon he gets to put an end to all that, because their little motion picture, Golden Truth, will reach its final crescendo.

Their ending won't be happy or sad, it will be... golden. The Golden Age is back.

The feed cuts to a video from R-Truth. He's sorry, did he break your concentration? If Goldust wants to play around with movies, he'll retort. Where he came from, movies were an escape, and he lived through the big screen, taking inspiration from Shaft, Dolemite, and Jules Winfield, and just like them, he's a bad mother-- shut your mouth.

And he will shut Goldust's mouth, striking down on him with great vengeance and furious anger. He tells Goldy he's gonna get get got.

Seth Rollins makes his entrance, our main event is after the break.

Back from commercial, we're informed that Sasha Banks will be on 205 Life tomorrow night.

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins

Collar and elbow lockup, struggling for position, Reigns shoves Rollins away. Circling, Seth goes behind with a waistlock, schoolboy pin, no good. Circling again, again with the waistlock to a headlock and then a wristlock, Roman reverses to one of his own, Seth reverses, standing moonsault, not even one and the Big Dog bails outside.

Reigns heads back inside, circling once more, Roman gets the waistlock this time and Seth reverses to a headlock. Shoots him off, the Architect ducking lariats, caught in a fireman's carry, escapes, O'Connor roll denied and the Big Dog hits him with the big slicing right hand. Lariat to the outside, Roman follows, throwing Seth into the barricade and setting him up on the apron for the Drive-By, jamming him into the ringpost!

Calling for the spear, Rollins gets a knee up, clotheslines him outside, slingshot plancha, back in and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Reigns is throwing Rollins into the barricade! Back in the ring, hard whip to the corner, jawing at Seth as he tries to pick himself up with the ropes and clobbering him with the corner lariats. Off the ropes, big boot, calling for the Superman Punch but Rollins blocks with a superkick and follows with the reverse STO into the turnbuckles!

Sling Blade connects, forearm smash in the corner, a second, hooking the Big Dog but his ribs give out and he can't lift him up! A dropkick sends Roman outside, Seth hits the ropes... suicide dive! Rolling Reigns back in, he springboards... SUPERMAN PUNCH! NOT ENOUGH!

Big Dog getting fired up, calling for the spear but this time the Kingslayer sidesteps, schoolboy pin for two, Avada Kedavra... NO GOOD! Seth climbing, Reigns cuts him off with a palm strike and climbs to meet him. Fireman's carry, Rollins slips under... corner to corner buckle bomb but the Roman has just enough gas in the tank to pop back out of the corner with a Superman Punch!

Both men out on the mat, referee Chad Patton issuing a standing ten count, Seth falls out of the ring and Reigns slowly gets to his feet before rolling to the apron himself. Around the ring, the Architect sidesteps the Big Dog and sends him crashing into the steel steps! Back inside, to the second, diving blockbuster, only a nearfall!

Climbing once more, Seth perches, Frog Splash connects... STILL NOT ENOUGH! Rollins to his feet, he repositions the Big Dog, back up top, Phoenix Splash, nobody home! Knee up on the spear, a right hand begets an enzuigiri, Roman dodges the ripcord knee...

Roman Reigns wins by pinfall with the spear.

Reigns poses while commentary runs down everybody in the #1 contender's match and outlines the ways they might win.

That's the show, folks.

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