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Sasha Banks wants you to ‘shut up’ about her turning heel because she’s sick of hearing it

Sasha Banks was interviewed by “The Masked Man Show” and during the course of the conversation she was asked whether she prefers being a babyface or a heel. Her response was great:

"Ummm, either one. I don't like to just be like... cause a lot of people ask me 'when are you going to turn heel?' Like, I don't care because guess what? I'm going to be in the WWE for a very long time so you're going to see both versions of myself for a while. So people need to shut up because that's what I'm sick of hearing. 'When are you gonna turn heel?' Then once I turn heel, 'when are you gonna turn babyface?' You guys just need to shut up and let me do me, okay? Why do you want me to turn on Bayley? That's my best friend. I don't have a lot of friends so just accept it. Yeah, I play either one very well, so it doesn't matter."

This is a great answer because while it’s entirely possible she really is sick and tired of fans asking her to turn it also serves as a heel promo of sorts. She can do it, and she’s very good at it, so there’s a taste of it.

Now back off.

She’s also almost certainly right that quite a few fans would almost immediately be asking her to turn babyface once she goes heel. That we, as fans, have no patience is nothing new and it’s almost refreshing to see Sasha pushing back against that.

What’s interesting here is whether or not she takes this as an insult to her abilities to play a babyface or a compliment to her abilities to play a heel, or both but leaning harder in one direction. From listening to it, the emotion sounds genuine even if she’s theatrical with her delivery.

Which means, either way, she’s just really good at this.

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