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Matt Hardy is done being silent about his ‘incredibly unprofessional’ dealings with Anthem

While I didn’t realize “silent” was a word which could be used to describe anything about the ongoing drama between House Hardy and the Anthem Owl Men, that’s apparently what Matt Hardy’s been doing up until this point.

And, to be fair, the spokes, or Tweets, person for the Hardys has clearly been Matt’s wife Reby up to this point. No longer, says Jeff’s older brother.

In responding with his support of an article critical of Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm’s latest move - to release portions of his communications with WWE about the “Broken” gimmick and what he claimed was the Hardys’ contract with TNA - Matt Tweeted:

Seeing as the Hardys’ trademark application for the “Broken” Universe was denied this week (they have six months to respond), WWE seems content to let them hash it out and former TNA President Billy Corgan indicated he doesn’t like their chances in court... winning the public relations battle might be their best strategy.

More to come, certainly.

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