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Chris Jericho: ‘It will be a long time before I go back’ to WWE

After a hugely successful run with WWE, Chris Jericho has once again taken time off to go work with his band, Fozzy, themselves enjoying great success with their latest single, “Judas.” Naturally, that means he’ll be facing questions regarding when we can expect him back in a wrestling ring.

As always, he’s playing it coy. From an interview with The Washington Post:

“It’ll be a long time before I go back. If I ever do go back, if I never go back, it’s fine. If I never wrestle another match, it wouldn’t bother me.”

That may be true, and it surely helps that Fozzy is enjoying newfound success with a hot single, but Jericho has a track record of statements like this. It’s much better to make us believe we may have seen the last of him.

We’ll appreciate it that much more when he does return.

And, hey, he’s still advertised for a pair of Japan shows next month.

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