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Here’s Mojo Rawley drizzling soy sauce on Rob Gronkowski (among other things)

Tempting as it is to just leave you with the (entirely accurate) headline and video, here’s a little more info... but not much, because I honestly can’t explain this.

New Englands Patriots’ star, and WWE champ Jinder Mahal nemesis, Rob Gronkowski stars in the video for EDM artist 3LAU’s new track “On My Mind”. Gronk, as he is wont to do, brings along some of his boys - including SmackDown Superstar Mojo Rawley.

The premise of the video is that Gronk can’t keep himself in the moment while he’s chatting up an attractive young lady at the club, instead fantasizing (I guess?) about weird scenarios they might get up to, like washing his sports car with a bunch of her bikini-clad friends and... being doused in soy sauce and fed sushi by the Hype Man.

I mean, the girls are there, too... but Mojo is prominently featured in the sushi dream and one where there are trampolines.

We’ve got the video queued up to the moment the Andre the Giant Memorial winner shows up.


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