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Tommaso Ciampa moved out of the apartment he shared with Johnny Gargano

Part of the appeal of former NXT tag champs #DIY was how their friendship continued behind the scenes.

And it wasn’t just “Glorious Bombs”. Fans who followed Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano and Johnny’s wife Candice LaRae on social media felt like they knew the close knit trio. Ciampa was in Gargano & LaRae’s wedding, and the friends shared an apartment in the Orlando area.

But seeing as how the Sicilian Psychopath snapped last Saturday night following the team’s loss at TakeOver: Chicago - and Johnny is currently despondent over the betrayal - hanging at the “#DIY clubhouse” was bound to get awkward, at least in kayfabe.

And these guys are keeping their nascent program very kayfabe so far...

We’ll see if Tommaso addresses his living arrangements, or anything else about his decision to seize “his moment”, when NXT hits WWE Network for its TakeOver fallout episode tonight.

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