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Becky Lynch lists 4 Raw stars she wants to move to SmackDown Live

The “Superstar Shake-Up” has come and gone but that doesn’t mean wrestlers in WWE aren’t still lusting over stars switching brands. In a recent interview with, Becky Lynch made clear she believes SmackDown Live has a more entertaining collection of talent than Monday Night Raw but there are four stars she wants to make the jump:

“Sometimes I’d travel by myself, and I’d ride with Carmella from time to time, but Charlotte and I are back together and we are Thelma and Louise. Now I’d love to see Seth Rollins, Cesaro, Sheamus, and Finn Balor come to SmackDown.”

That would certainly gut the Raw roster and strip it of a great deal of star power but it’s fun to imagine what the blue brand would look like if they had that level of talent to work with. Then again, with less time to work with, how often would we see younger, up-and-coming wrestlers elevated?

A balance is probably better.

Still, dream on, Becky Lynch.

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