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‘Vince McMahon was very happy’ after Jinder Mahal won the WWE title at Backlash

When asked by Sportskeeda what the backstage reaction was to his WWE championship win in the main event of Backlash, Jinder Mahal brought up just how happy Vince McMahon was:

“The backstage reaction has been very good. Vince was very happy. He was really proud of me because Vince knows how much work I’ve put in. And, I told Vince, ‘Hey Vince, my goal is to come back every week and improve. Every time you see me perform I’m going to get better on the mic, going to get better in the ring and I’ll be in better shape every week.’ I think Vince really appreciates that and WWE is a place where they reward hard work and I’m an example of that.”

He also said he was told the day of the event that he would be winning the title from Randy Orton and that it was the best day of his life. Feel however you’d like about the decision WWE made in putting one of its top titles on him, there’s no doubting he’s proud of what he’s accomplished and there’s reason to be happy for the man playing the character.

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