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Kevin Owens made Talking Smack really uncomfortable again, and it was wonderful

While we were all arguing about WWE World champion Jinder Mahal last night (May 21) after Backlash, another SmackDown titleholder was doing what he does best on WWE Network.

The New Face of America Kevin Owens joined the always excellent Renee Young and guest host Peter Rosenberg (who did a pretty good job himself... in my opinion, not in Owens’) on Talking Smack. As usually happens when KO and interviewers get together, things got tense quick.

Owens stated his desire to become the Face of WWE, and how that means he plans to defeat Mahal for the WWE strap as soon as possible. Young asks him if he was surprised Jinder beat Randy Orton in Chicago, and KO explains he already told either Tom Phillips or Byron Saxton (he can’t tell them apart when they talk) last Tuesday he thought the Maharajah would win the title at Backlash.

So, Renee lost her privileges and Rosenberg got a chance to ask a question. And failed miserably...

What happened when Owens came back? Well, he fed Rosenberg a line and took over the show, since he’s genuinely believes he’s better at the job than either of them anyway...

The Kevin Owens Show is my favorite show.

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