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WWE Backlash 2017 results: Sami Zayn actually wins, pins Baron Corbin

Coming into SmackDown’s Backlash pay-per-view (PPV) in Chicago, Baron Corbin had beaten up Sami Zayn a lot. I mean, everyone does, but the feud between The Lone Wolf and The Underdog From The Underground featured so much of it, Corbin was suspended by commissioner Shane McMahon at one point for a sneak attack on Sami.

Other than trading shots with Corbin in and out of matches, Zayn’s tried to focus his brief time on the blue brand on making a name for himself, and rising higher than he was able to on Raw. To that end, he asked for this match and marched straight into on May 21.

Early on, it was The Lone Wolf’s power against Sami’s speed and guile. Those skills left the two wrestlers at a stalemate, but Corbin’s strength took its toll. Zayn appeared to suffer a lower back injury, and from there the former NFL lineman targeted that area while the Likeable One tried to survive.

Sami would, of course, fight back. A big clothesline gave him some momentum, but a short time later, Corbin showed some quickness of his own, sliding out of the ring on a whip and returning with a devastating clothesline of his own. He still couldn’t put Zayn away, however. Spinebusters, backbreakers... everything you’d think to use on a guy with a back issue... none of it could put the former NXT champ away.

Things got hectic from there. His back issues kept Zayn from hitting his corner exploder suplex to set-up his Helluva Kick finisher, but not even Corbin’s Deep Six could keep Sami down for the pinfall. Eventually, The Lone Wolf walked into a boot and stumbled into the corner to take the Underdog’s closer.

Sami won a big one.

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