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Triple H sends Chelsea a WWE title for winning the Premier League

The Premier League, England’s top football association, hasn’t officially wrapped up their season just yet. But we already know who the 2016 - 17 champions are.

So, especially in the midst of a big push into the United Kingdom market, Triple H and WWE were not going to pass up a chance to make Chelsea F.C. the latest recipient of a custom WWE World title belt.

Chelsea actually wrapped up the title eight days ago, and it’s been pretty clear they’d win their fifth trophy for a while, so Trips had plenty of time to get those sideplates made.

And, unlike some recipients, the retiring captain John Terry seems to know what the belt is!

Congrats to fans of The Blues around the world, and tell your side to watch their backs at Stamford Bridge... some heel from Tottenham might try to make like Jinder Mahal and steal the belt.

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