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WWE Backlash 2017: Charlotte, Becky Lynch, & Naomi vs. Carmella, Natalya, & Tamina full match preview

Becky Lynch, Charlotte, & Naomi vs Carmella, Natalya, & Tamina

The Superstar Shake Up had the most impact on the SmackDown Women’s division. They lost Alexa Bliss and Mickie James but gained arguably the most dominant female on the main roster in Charlotte Flair. Those shockwaves left some of the blue brand’s women’s division devising a plan to survive in this new era.

Immediately Tamina, Natalya, and Carmella (with James Ellsworth always at her side) decided to join forces to prevent losing this division to Charlotte. Surely they’ve watched Raw so they had seen that for the last year plus, the Queen was always on top of that division. And for most of that time, she was champion.

Their fears weren’t unfounded either. On her second week on SmackDown Live, Charlotte came out demanding a title match just because she is the Queen. While Shane McMahon did not grant her a match for the championship, he granted her a match with the champion and if Charlotte were victorious, she’d get her opportunity for the gold the following week. Flair was successful.

The following week, Charlotte and Naomi’s championship match was the main event of the blue brand. That was when Tamina, Nattie, and Carmella, calling themselves the Welcoming Committee, decided to strike. Before the match ended, they interfered and laid waste to both women. The Committee had staked their claim to the division.

And then there’s Becky Lynch.

The Irish Lass Kicker found herself in the middle of this foray, with legitimate reason to join either side. Since joining the main roster, Becky has always been a true blue babyface. She is trusting and will always do what is right, something that has found her a knife between the deltoids multiple times.

It is that knife that would make joining the Welcoming Committee an understandable move for Becky. The first, and maybe deepest, betrayal was at the hands of Charlotte. Because of that, Lynch knows who Charlotte is better than most. And she knows that the Queen is in it for one person only: herself. The Welcoming Committee knows this too and tried to used this to recruit the first ever SmackDown women’s champ to their ranks. (The fact that another one of those knives in the back was planted by Nattie was not part of their pitch.)

Bex opted not to draw out her decision to make things dramatic. She made her decision known when she made the save for Charlotte and Naomi as they were receiving another beatdown from the Committee. Becky first pretended that she would join Nattie’s team, but she ended up using James Ellsworth as a weapon, tossing him into the other ladies. Unfortunately, her decision immediately led to her getting beat up as well.

Staying true to herself and fighting villainy is completely understandable. What’s not understandable is how much she seems to have trusted Charlotte already. Fist bumps and all. This is still the same Charlotte Flair she was two weeks ago. She hasn’t even pretended to change. Hell, Bex already lost a single’s match to Nattie partially due to Charlotte on the outside of the ring. Becky can do what she wants, but it’s going to continue to bite her in the backside.

Whether it does cost Becky will be something to watch for this Sunday when the team of Becky, Charlotte, and Naomi faces off against the Welcoming Committee. Will Charlotte show she hasn’t changed at all? Or will they actually get along in order to hold back the forces of Nattie, Tamina, and Carmella. Those seem to be the only ways this could go unless...

Becky is the evil mastermind behind the Welcoming Committee? .....Nah.

Tune to Backlash on the WWE Network tomorrow night at 8 EST to find out what happens next for the SmackDown women’s division. And keep it here at for all of your Backlash coverage.


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