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Let’s make wrestling jokes about Chris Jericho’s new music video

Since the main focus of this post is goofing around, let me start by saying I dig Fozzy’s new single “Judas”. Even as a card-carrying Jericholic from way back, Chris Jericho’s other job as a rock ‘n’ roller has not always been my cup of tea. But I really like this song, which manages to both rock and be catchy.

That out of the way, as we’re a fan blog who tries to have as much fun as we possibly can with this gloriously oddball pastime we call pro wrestling, we need to make some wrestling jokes about the above video for Y2J & company’s latest.

I mean, Jericho put Adam Rose’s bunny in it for crying out loud. He had to know this was coming.

So, give... IT... a listen. The Song of Jericho, man! Does it make the playLIST?

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