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Aleister Black’s first WWE merch leans into the occult gimmick

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It’s TakeOver time, which means new - and often, first - merchandise from WWE Shop for NXT Superstars.

Even though he didn’t make it onto the main card in Chicago (he’ll be wrestling before the live stream on WWE Network in a match which will air next Wednesday), Aleister Black is the first wrestler to get a new t-shirt for NXT’s May live special.

And if you were surprised the “family entertainment” company didn’t shy away from the former Tommy End’s Satanism-infused character before, well, check this bad boy out...

That’s pretty much got it all. Runes, severed appendages and digits... it’s like Mr. Crowley listened to Black’s entrance theme and made a shirt.

In other words, it’s awesome.

Get yours here.

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