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There’s more Southpaw Regional Wrestling on the way, according to Lance Catamaran

It’s been a couple months since Southpaw Regional Wrestling dropped into our lives. But just like Tex Ferguson can’t forget that Chad 2Badd sent Bad News Allen to take his eye, we can’t let go of the WWE’s roster amazing sketch comedy take on a struggling 1980s territory promotion.

Well, according to Lance Catamaran himself, we don’t have to give up our dreams of more SRW! John Cena’s been busy doing publicity around network upfronts, when television company’s roll out their new line-ups - as you’d expect a guy with shows on three different networks would be.

In an interview with Variety’s Playback podcast, Cena talked a lot of Southpaw, and let slip we haven’t seen the last of Lance, Chad, Big Bartholomew, Mr. Macklemore and the whole gang:

Dude, I'm so happy with Southpaw.

It's amazing because it captures everything of that era, but we never show any wrestling. And it's so great and it just goes to show how far sports entertainment has come.

Here we are 30 years removed from it, or more, and we are able to laugh at the way things were done, especially the small-time promotions trying to keep up with 'New York', when Vince [McMahon] was doing crazy global stuff, and everyone else was falling by the wayside. It's just their crazy last ditch attempts to try to keep up with the frontrunner. And it was really fun and there's more on the way, so I'm very much looking forward to it.

We’re happy with it, too, John - and we’re pumped for more.

Especially Tex Ferguson, of who Cena says:

Bro, I have seen Tex Ferguson unleashed. Be on the lookout for more Tex Ferguson. He is a superstar. He is just a superstar.

Indeed. Hopefully the new episodes follow Tex’s advice, though...

H/T: Wrestling Inc for podcast transcription

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