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Matt Hardy wants to feud with Bray Wyatt as his ‘Broken’ self

As time goes on, and the references and teases seem to get fewer and farther between, a lot of folks are starting to lose faith in Matt Hardy’s “Broken” gimmick showing up in WWE.

But there are some signs of a thaw in the ownership battle between the Hardys and Anthem Entertainment/Impact Wrestling over the characters. And, a recent interview the brothers gave to UK-based website SPORTBible might contain another reason for optimism. It definitely shows Matt has some ideas in mind if he is allowed to bring his “Broken” self to Raw.

In answered a question about potential match-ups for he and Jeff as singles competitors, the elder Hardy responded:

Just for starters, if we get to where we need to be, I think “Broken” Matt Hardy against Bray Wyatt would be an amazing deal...


WWE has been trying to do the kind of “outside the box” matches Matt was doing in TNA last year with Wyatt for a while now. If anyone could make it work, it’d be the Broken One himself, right?

More importantly, however, if Matt is openly talking about his “Broken” gimmick, that has to mean they’re close to getting where they need to be with the ownership issue, RIGHT?

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