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Elias Samson Update: Return of The Drifter

After a week off - it’s not easy for a vagabond to just hitch a ride to Europe, after all - Elias Samson strummed his way back into our lives on the May 15 Raw.

As you can see in the above video, the Drifter did General Manager Kurt Angle a solid by playing off Miz & his wife, right when the Olympic gold medalist was in the middle of a screaming match with Maryse that was exposing his horrible grasp of le français. If he’d have shown up sooner, he could have helped Angle get off the phone with Sami Zayn, who we learned is still a pest even if he doesn’t work for you any more.

We DID NOT learn if Elias is destined to drift forever. But he seems okay with the idea, since he didn’t tell Kurt what he wants. That was an opening to ask for a match or something, I think. As long as Angle continues to react with the same kind of slack-jawed gloriousness every time Samson shows up to pluck those strings, it’s okay by me, though.

Tune in next week to find out (or just come back here where I’ll again attempt to be funny while writing about him)!

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