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Alexa Bliss 2, ‘What?’ chants 0

On the May 15 Raw, the crowd in attendance at Newark, New Jersey (aka “The Sweat Glands of America”) decided to break out that old chestnut, the “What?” chant.

They did it against someone who’s already proven she listened to the chant’s creator, Stone Cold Steve Austin, on the subject of how to handle said chant.

So, it should come as no surprise to the fans at Prudential Center that Women’s champion Alexa Bliss was ready for them...

Now, it’s worth wondering at this point if Little Miss Bliss isn’t getting one of the most annoying chants in pro graps history simply because fans want to see how she’ll insult them in shutting it down.

But if the net result is getting the “What?”s to stop, I’m not sure it matters too much.

It’s interesting fodder for the crowd reaction debate - or it at least gives us another talking point in that discussion other than Roman Reigns.


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