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Golden Truth no more: Goldust just destroyed R-Truth on Raw

Well, spending time setting up last week’s Tag Turmoil as Golden Truth’s story only to see them come up short against Cesaro & Sheamus makes a lot more sense now.

Earlier on the May 15 edition of Raw, Goldust and R-Truth got a locker room scene. The happy-go-lucky veterans seemed primed to make another run at their redemption tale during a match against Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows...

Once they made it to the ring, however - no sooner had Truth finished rapping out their theme song then Goldy struck from behind!

No one is doing much in the tag division aside from the title feud, so breaking these guys off into an undercard program probably isn’t the worst idea in the world. In fact, if New Jersey’s response to Goldust’s beatdown of his ex-partner and delivery of his parting line, “that’s what’s up”, is any indication, their big challenge may be getting some crowds to boo the heel.

They should be used to that by now, though.

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