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Miz & Dean Ambrose’s Intercontinental title feud isn’t over thanks to a DQ finish on Raw

The advertised main event for the May 15 edition of Raw - an Intercontinental title match between champion Dean Ambrose and the man he beat for the belt back in January, The Miz - actually ended up coming our way at the top of the first hour of the show from New Jersey.

Have to make room for all the matches between the competitors in the Extreme Rules Fatal 5Way #1 contenders match, after all. And it would be clear why the Miz & Ambrose didn’t get the over-run by shortly after 9PM Eastern.

After the challenger went for a quick pinfall victory at the outset, Ambrose took control from there, sending the A-Lister into his loving wife’s arms before the first commercial break.

During the break, Miz sent the Lunatic Fringe into the steel steps, so when we returned, the heel had things well in hand as the announce team stressed how personal the feud between the two men had become. Ambrose managed to regain control with a (very appropriate, given the conversation of the last 24 hours) dive.

From there we were into finisher counters and nearfalls, including a nifty transition from Dean’s rebound lariat into a Skull-Crushing Finale which Ambrose kicked out of at 2.999.

It was shaping up to a pretty good match, but then Maryse started getting involved.

After a spot where she shielded her husband until she was forced to bail when Ambrose decided to dive on them anyway...

... she tried to distract the referee while Miz delivered a low blow to secure the match. The Lunatic was ahead of the power couple, however, and caught the swing. A frustrated champ decided to deliver his own kick to his opponent’s nether region, and the official had no choice but to call for the disqualification.

So... Ambrose remains champ, and the feud likely goes on.

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