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Wrestlers react to Randy Orton’s Twitter takedown of independent wrestling

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So, in case you missed it, Randy Orton took a Tweet from OVW trainer Rip Rogers and turned it into a full blown “Wrestling Twitter” drama yesterday (May 14) - firing shots at Bully Ray and independent wrestling while touting his own drawing ability over “drinks in Denmark”.

A whole bunch of people responded, and just about everybody has a take on it today. Here’s a sampling of responses and takes from those inside the wrestling business...

New Japan’s high-flying British sensation Will Ospreay, a veteran of online beefs with older performers, laughed off Rogers’ critique:

Then decided to make some money off the deal:

....Dive. Head to

A post shared by willospreay (@willospreay) on

He even offered Bully Ray a shirt gratis!

One half of the Ring of Honor (ROH) tag champs, and a man known to throw 20+ superkicks into any situation, took the Viper’s troll-y olive branch:

But Ospreay isn’t biting:

Meanwhile, a fellow Brit went the t-shirt route... while also tying this Orton controversy into a past one:

Others took the whole thing a little more seriously, and stood up for their work:

Meanwhile, over on the WWE side of the fence, it was all laughs...

Okay, everybody can get back to their own reactions now!