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WWE Raw preview (May 15, 2017): Awesome alliance

Maryse Mizanin’s Instagram (via

Back in the U.S., and it doesn’t get any more American than Newark, New Jersey, does it?

The Headliner

The red brand will celebrate their return to ‘Murica with an Intercontinental title match!

Dean Ambrose defeated The Miz for the belt back when they both worked for Shane McMahon on Tuesday nights. While a lot of fans are anxious to see the A-Lister move up the card and back into contention for a top belt, that’s not really an option on Raw these days (more on that in a moment). So after a detour into a high-profile WrestleMania mixed tag feud (which he and wife Maryse also owned), Miz is back for his white and gold strap.

His path to what would be his seventh IC title reign has been marked by an unlikely partnership. Interference by Bray Wyatt (among others) was crucial to Miz securing the #1 contender spot over Seth Rollins and Finn Bálor, and last Monday, he repaid the favor and helped the Eater of Worlds defeat Ambrose. Is this all just coincidence, or is their something to this alliance? If he ends up victorious tonight, could Miz end up beholden to Wyatt for his championship?

As for Dean? He’s still wacky.

The title scene

Universal champion Brock Lesnar is finally advertised for the build to Raw’s July pay-per-view (PPV) Great Balls of Fire, but now the guy we were all thinking and hoping he’d be facing is out getting elbow surgery. And that still leaves June’s PPV without a main event. In their official preview for this week’s show, WWE appears to be hedging their bets - again asking simply how General Manager Kurt Angle will handle the “escalating situation” between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns. Will one (or both) of the banged up Superstars end up facing Lesnar next?

There’s a line of ladies who want Alexa Bliss’ Women’s title, but that line forms behind her new “best friend”, Nia Jax. Nia wants the belt to herself, and until Angle gives her a shot, she’d gonna make like the Diesel to Little Miss Bliss’ Shawn Michaels, and help her keep the strap away from challengers like former champ Bayley and Alexa’s old “friend” Mickie James.

We don’t know when their next televised defense will be, but whenever it is, tag champs Matt & Jeff Hardy will be facing some familiar foes. Cesaro & Sheamus proved their new slogan “we are the bar” isn’t just hype when they ran the table on the division last week in London. Extreme Rules seems like a good time for this rematch to take place, so a better question might be - what’s the stip? We already had the Hardys signature match type at ‘Mania, so... let’s hear some suggestions, gang?

The Cruiserweight title picture has been all about long-reigning King Neville and challenger Austin Aries for most of this year. But when the champ offered TJP an opportunity in exchange for defeating Jack Gallagher, the scene added a couple players. Now, the winner of the Cruiserweight Classic wants his shot from the King, and Gentleman Jack has vowed to protect Aries until his next match with Neville.

Other stuff to keep an eye on:

- Despite a Rollins’ win at Payback, Samoa Joe isn’t done with the Kingslayer. And he proved it by sending him headfirst into an exposed turnbuckle and then choking him unconcious in London. Expect Seth to retort tonight.

- Who exactly is Finn feuding with?

- What’s Sasha Banks doing these days?

- How will any of the tag teams defeated by Shea-saro last Monday rebound?

- Will Apollo Crews sign on with Titus O’Neill’s “Brand” if the wins keep stacking up?

Three weeks until Extreme Rules!

What will you be looking for on Raw tonight?

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