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WWE reveals dates and locations for next, slightly less crazy tour of Europe

When the crews of WWE Raw and SmackDown left for a week and a half of shows all across Europe at the start of this month, we shared that insane schedule with you.

While they’re on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, WWE announced the dates and locations for their next European tour. And while it’s not quite as crazy as the post-WrestleMania trip, it’s still really hectic.

Check it out, if you’re a fan in one of these countries who wants to mark their calendar, or just want to marvel at the miles the boys and girls put in on these jaunts:

Nov 1 - Glasgow, Scotland (Raw)
Nov 2 - Brighton, England (Raw)
Nov 3 - London, England (Raw)
Nov 4 - Barcelona, Spain (SmackDown)
Nov 4 - Minehead, England (Raw)
Nov 5 - Madrid, Spain (SmackDown)
Nov 5 - Cardiff, Wales (Raw)
Nov 6 - Manchester, England (Raw taping)
Nov 7 - Manchester, England (SmackDown & 205 Live taping)
Nov 8 - Dortmund, Germany (Raw)
Nov 8 - Leeds, England (SmackDown)
Nov 9 - Leipzig, Germany (Raw)
Nov 10 - Hamburg, Germany (Raw)
Nov 10 - Milan, Italy (SmackDown)
Nov 11 - Mannheim, Germany (Raw)
Nov 11 - Padova, Italy (SmackDown)
Nov 12 - Florence, Italy (SmackDown)

The brand assignments here are based on the ticketing page at’s “Featured Superstars”. Looking at it, there are currently three more shows for the red roster than the blue (not to mention there aren’t house shows scheduled while the other show tapes), so it seems possible they add a few more dates on here between now and November.

But even if it stays as is, it both looks light compared to what they’ve been doing over the last week AND still totally exhausting.

They’ve also already announced they’ll be in Paris on May 18, 2018, so... the grind never stops.

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