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WWE Raw results, live blog (May 1, 2017): Payback fallout show

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (May 1, 2017) from the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California, featuring the fallout show from the Payback pay-per-view (PPV) that went down just last night in San Jose.

Advertised for tonight: Braun Strowman rules the red brand, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


Yesterday is gone forever, no turning back the clock. In the end, all is sinful, no need to bear the pain. The end is coming soon, you can't hold out forever. Repent your sins to me, while I work on the liveblog for this here pro wrestling show.

The show opens with the Raw intro video this week.

The Raw women's division stands in the ring around some kind of riser, and newly minted champion Alexa Bliss makes her entrance.

She gets in the mic and thanks the other women, saying that some of them are only out here because Kurt Angle made them, but she appreciates it all the same. She's gonna make it quick, a lot of superstars refer to themselves as queen, but the queen is dead and for the first time ever on Raw, she can say long live Alexa Bliss, the one, the only goddess of WWE.

Last night she became the first woman to ever hold the SmackDown and Raw Women's Championships and she's just handed the title like a normal woman? She deserves a coronation, and it wouldn't be proper without her "friends" in the women's division.

She thanks Mickie James, saying she's watched her since she was a little girl and she was so inspirational and that's why she brought her to SmackDown. Even though her contemporaries Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah are in a better place, she's here and still inspiring people.

Sasha Banks is next on the thanks list, she's fantastic, a three-time Raw Women's Championship, but last night she said she didn't know who Alexa was, so she introduces herself as champion and the one who pinned her to get where she is. Banks snaps at her and Bliss backs up into Nia Jax, slowly turning around.

She begs off and puts the giant woman over before taking her "rightful place" on the riser in the middle of the ring, when her attention turns to Bayley pouting on the edge of the circle. She says if it weren't for Bayley this wouldn't be possible and tells the crowd she knows her name when they chant.

If it weren't for the Hugger, she wouldn't be all the way up here with Bayley all the way down there, and she was shocked last night to see not just her dad but her whole family in the front row decked out in Bayley gear, it was adorable. But there was a moment that got to her, when the referee raised her hand, she looked out at Bayley's family and they were all upset, but her nephews were crying, bawling their eyes out.

It was this moment that almost took away from her history-making moment! Thank goodness that didn't happen and she thought what Bayley would do, look at the positives, and she realized that Bayley's whole family has a role model to look up to now! BAYLEY TIPS THE RISER OVER WITH BLISS ON IT! A BRAWL BREAKS OUT! WE'RE GOING TO BREAK!

Back from commercial and a tag match has broken out.

Alexa Bliss, Alicia Fox, Emma, & Nia Jax vs. Bayley, Dana Brooke, Mickie James, & Sasha Banks

Alexa and Bayley in, Bliss immediately tags to Emma, who starts working the hugger over until she gets caught with a pair of arm drags into an armbar. James in, diving double axehandle, arm wringer, Emma out with a mat slam, Mickie throwing kicks, running cross chop, tag to Dana and Emma backs off to tag Fox in.

Knee lift, straight right, whip reversed, Brooke with a handspring back elbow, snapmare, off the ropes, cartwheel splash, no good. Sasha tags in, shoulder armbreaker, quick tag to Bayley and a double hip toss for a cover. Shoulder armbreaker, short whip to the corner, tag to James, assisted forearm smash.

Snapmare, off the ropes for a sliding single-leg dropkick, that gets two and Banks tags back in. Schoolboy pin into a Japanese stranglehold, wrenching it back something awful, Alicia screaming agony but getting to her feet and throwing body blows. Whip, hip toss blocked, the Boss hits one of her own, sliding double knees for a nearfall and into a front chancery.

Whip, Fox with an elbow and she dumps Sasha outside where both teams end up squaring off and jawing as we go to break.

Back from commercial and Fox has a reverse chinlock in on Banks, which we're shown is the result of Nia running her over during the break. Getting to her feet, Alicia drops her again with her bridging northern lights suplex but it's not enough to end the match and she tags Jax in.

Elbow drop, pass to the corner, body avalanche, a biel sends the Boss across the entire ring! Dragging her in the center, elbow drop, another, and then to a reverse chinlock, dropping Sasha to the mat when she tries to escape. Throwing kicks, Jx chooses to charge her in the corner and Bliss finally tags back in for a choke in the corner.

Giant step with the head stomps as referee Chad Patton counts, that gets a two count, Banks follows it up by laying waste to the corner and throwing a lariat. Bliss with nobody home on the knees, Bayley gets a tag, double leg into mounted punches! Throwing clothesline after clothesline, smashing the champion's face into the turnbuckles over and over before passing her to the apron for the stunner in the ropes!

Shoulder thrust, back suplex, Nia breaks it up! Brooke passes her outside, Mickie dives, Emma throws Dana outside, the Boss takes care of Emma and brawls wild with Fox! Bayley helps her pal break it up and they continue outside, she scoops Alexa up but the champion escapes, rake to the eyes...

Alexa Bliss, Alicia Fox, Emma, & Nia Jax win by pinfall with a snap DDT from Bliss on Bayley.

Commentary gives us a verbal recap of Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns before tossing to the post-show footage from the beginning of Raw Talk and promising a medical update on both men later. Seth Rollins will tell us what's next, and Enzo Amore will be in action against Luke Gallows after the break.

Back from commercial, Enzo & Big Cass make their entrance, they do the deal. Enzo says it may not look it, but they're a little tired, because their real life is better than their dreams and they chose not to sleep because they gave the Club the beating of their lifetime.

He's 100% sure that tonight will be no different, and he's gonna beat Gallows right here in cheap pop. Cass is about to declare them SAWFT when the Club attack from behind! They get the upper hand for a moment but Big is able to dump Anderson and shortly isolates Big Hoot but Enzo is stumbling around and the match is in doubt as we go to break.

Back from commercial and the match is on!

Enzo Amore vs. Luke Gallows

Enzo in but Gallows shoves him away and drops him with a big boot before throwing the Too Sweets up. Boots against the ropes, punches in the corner, locking him down by the arm but Amore escapes. Trying to stick and move and Luke clobbers him with a lariat before grabbing a grounded hammerlock.

Amore to his feet, Big Hoot body slams him with the hammerlock still applied! Wristlock, wrenching, short-arm shoulder thrust and Enzo's out of it enough that referee Rod Zapata checks on him. Gallows yanking his arm over the ropes, a big boot and a knee choke in the corner.

Enzo fighting mad with punches but Luke shrugs him off and plants him with Divorce Court before hooking the arm for overhea elbows to the trapezius and locking a kneeling armbar in. Throwing forearms, Sex Ferguson drops him with a mat slam and locks a grounded top wristlock in as Big Cass stares on.

Struggling free, right hands, Gallows takes him to the corner but Enzo catches him with the diving DDT! Left hand jabs, a right, the big wind-up punch, basement dropkick puts Big Hoot on his knees and Amore clocks him with a Penalty Kick to the face! Gallows to his feet, slicing right, facelock, vertical suplex lift, Enzo reverses to a small package... NOPE!

Inverted stomp facebreaker, Amore climbs but Anderson runs interference...

Luke Gallows wins by pinfall with a fireman's carry flapjack.

Neville is in the locker room and TJ Perkins rolls up asking him what happened last night. Neville insists that Austin Aries isn't on the Neville Level and TJP tells him he's not here to start stuff but people have been talking about him needing to get disqualified last night.

The King tells TJ he respects him but he doesn't let people slander him, and if anything it was an out-of-position official that screwed him out of an opportunity to end their Austin Aries problem once and for all. He hasn't forgotten what this is about, and how is Perkins going to get the title shot he deserves when Aries is running around taking it from him.

He tells TJP he has to start pulling his weight and he has a match against A Double which he should make the most of.

Seth Rollins will talk about stuff after the break.

Back from commercial, Seth Rollins makes his entrance.

He asks Sacramento how they're doing and says he's feeling good, too. For the first time in a long time, aside from getting his butt kicked a little, he's feeling really good. We've been with him through the last six months of rollercoaster, the highest of highs and lowest of lows and we've been with him through all of that.

Through those moments where you feel so low you wanna give up, crawl in a hole and shut off the world, but you can't do that. You gotta struggle and embrace the sucky part of life as much as the good stuff, look in the mirror and figure out who you are and who you wanna be, and if those don't line up, you gotta do something about it.

He looked in the mirror and realized he's still Seth Freakin' Rollins, and everything came full circle in the last month. At WrestleMania he slayed the King of Kings and last night he got some Payback on Samoa Joe, so for him, there's really only one thing left to do. He takes a big pause and says he wants the Beast.

He wants Brock Lesnar (aw, not Dan Severn?), he wants the Universal Championship, and he's not afraid to go back to Suplex City.

Enter Finn Balor. He tells Seth they've been on the same page recently and he honestly respects Rollins, the one-legged man who won at WrestleMania. But him, he's the one-armed man who became the very first Universal Champion. He asks Seth if he remembers that, how his arm was hanging from his body and he still beat him.

And he never actually lost the title, so no offense, but the line starts with him.

Enter Dean Ambrose. He says Brock a lot and tells them they sound like chickens. He knows a little something about Brock, he does what he wants and fights when he wants and that's not all that often. He thinks Monday Night Raw should be about fighting champions, and he'll fight anyone any time anywhere and declares the Intercontinental Championship the number one title on Raw.

Enter the Miz, flanked by Maryse as always. He holds the proceedings up, saying that Rollins and Balor haven't earned anything and Ambrose is an embarrassment as champion. If anyone deserves that title, it's him, the one that made it relevant and prestigious, that made it mean something.

Finn reminds him that he's also the newest member of the Finn Balor Just Kicked My Ass Club, and Miz says it was a cheapshot and that makes Balor a coward. None of them deserve the Intercontinental Championship, when he was champ he defended it nightly but Dean wasn't important enough to defend it at Payback last night.

And Seth used to be the man but now he's a hobbling one-legged gimp, to which Seth replies he could still run circles around Miz, and Miz rebuts that it's not a running contest, it's a WWE ring where he beats people up. There's a reason everybody hates him, it's because he's the biggest threat on Monday Night-- SHUT UP!

Dean says it's all very confusing but there's two things he knows. He'll face anybody for the IC title, and everybody likes to see Miz get beat up. He polls the crowd on Finn and Seth beating up the Miz, to which they heartily enjoy both options. He says he has some business to take care of and whips his phone out to give Kurt Angle a call.

He talks to Kurt for a minute with the mic away from his mouth before admitting that Kurt wasn't happy about his phone number. Angle makes tonight Miz vs. Balor vs. Rollins as a #1 contender's match for the Intercontinental Championship!

Commentary tells us that Kalisto is rehabbing his injuries at the hands of Braun Strowman and toss to a recap video, once again promising us an update later as we go to break.

Back from commercial and commentary hypes up the Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender's Match.

Akira Tozawa, Jack Gallagher, & Rich Swann vs. Brian Kendrick, Noam Dar, & Tony Nese

Kendrick and Tozawa to start, right in with forearms, slugging away. Akira takes the lead with body blows, off the ropes Brian tries a sunset flip but Tozawa slips out and kicks him in the chest. Nese comes in with an elbow and mocks Tozawa's yell before whipping him across and throwing him with a hip toss and flexing.

Argentine backbreaker rack, Tony wrenching it in but Akira fights out and tags Swann in. Stereo dropkicks, Dar tags in and Rich throws hands only for Noam to catch him with a side headlock.Gallagher tags in, Swann shoots him off and Jack monkey flips Dar outside. Kendrick in, Tozawa takes care of him and then Nese gets back body dropped outside and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Kendrick is on top of Tozawa with a front chancery into a snap suplex for two. Tag to Nese, wicked stomp, crossface blows and he takes another break to flex. The Dragon Gate man gets to his feet, trading punches, Tony with the delayed vertical suplex lift, taking it one-handed before throwing him into the ropes for a nearfall.

Dar in, arm wringer, shoulder armbreaker, he takes Tozawa to the mat and high fives him in an actually painful looking way, honest. Nese back in, back to the Argentine backbreaker rack, wrenching and squatting as the crowd tries to will Akira back into it. He fights out, desperate for a tag but Tony yanks him into a forearm strike to the back of the head.

Tozawa gets a back suplex off, crawling, Dar tagged back in, kicked off, Rich Swann in! Clotheslines for everybody, rolling solebutt and a running somersault leg drop into a rolling thunder splash to Kendrick! Brian misdirects him, looking for Sliced Bread #2, Gallagher tags in, headbutt... Nese breaks it up!

Headbutt sends the Premier Athlete outside but Kendrick is ready and takes him over with the Captain's Hook... Tozawa breaks it up with a running knee! He and Swanna are fired up, stereo dives! Gallagher charges over...

Akira Tozawa, Jack Gallagher, & Rich Swann win by pinfall with the running corner dropkick from Gallagher on Brian Kendrick.

Commentary recaps the tag title match from last night and Cesaro and Sheamus attacking the Hardyz after, plus we get a sweet slow-motion recap of Jeff Hardy losing a tooth.

Cesaro & Sheamus are walking backstage, they're going to explain themselves after the break.

Back from commercial, Cesaro & Sheamus make their entrance.

Sheamus asks if we know how good it feels to finally be set free. For the last couple months he's been living in a fog of delusion, and he's never really liked any of us, and he doesn't look as stupid as the Hardyz did lying on the floor. From day one everyone treated him like a red-headed stepchild, but Cesaro is a different story.

He had his Cesaro Section and believed with their support their team could be better than ever, and Sheamus bought it... until WrestleMania. They were set and ready to take their titles back, but at the last minute, the Boyz were added to their match and stole their moment.

The crowd throws up a big "DELETE!" chant and Cesaro continues, saying the people felt a rush of nostalgia and loved it, like they do every time some shiny new trinket shows up. They'd rather live in the past or look at the future than appreciate the present that's standing right in front of them, and that's what happened at WrestleMania.

But the feel-good moment didn't last long, because he and Sheamus proved the Hardyz were just a novelty act that doesn't belong in the ring with a Warrior and a Superman. Sheamus agrees, that's the tooth, er, truth of it, and that's exactly what the Boyz are, and they showed them that it's the not the WWE they left behind, it's a WWE that belongs to Sheamus and Cesaro.

Cesaro pledges to win the titles back, because they don't just set the bar, they are The Bar!

Enter the Hardy Boyz.

Matt thanks them for the explanation and says it's quite ILLUMINATING that they believe these asinine absurdities. He and his brother are hurting from their ambush, sure, but they thought they'd come out here and give them a response, and that response is a swipe of the DELETE! arm and a charge into the ring!

Cesaro and Sheamus bail, no brawl, and the two teams have a staredown from ramp to ring.

Miz and Maryse are interviewed backstage about Miz's match. Miz says he knows Seth Rollins cost Finn Balor eight months of his career, made him give up the Universal Championship. So preparation for him is the same whether he's on the set or fighting in the ring, it's all about the meth--

Dean Ambrose rolls up, asking if his hair gel gets in his eyes when he wrestles. Miz just walks off and "Mean" Dean Ambrose signs off, tossing back to Gene and Bobby at ringside, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Beauty and the Man-Beast make their entrance, and we get a recap of the backstage events that set up the match, wherein Heath gave Apollo Crews some advice about being a dad and Titus O'Neil rolls up to berate him.

Apollo Crews vs. Heath Slater

Circling, collar and elbow, Heath goes behind, waistlock, standing switch, Apollo with the takedown to a front chancery, Slater reverses to a hammerlock and a chancery of his own, Crews reverses to a wristlock and back to the headlock. Heath reverses, side headlock takeover, headscissors reversal, handstand escape to a side headlock and Apollo stands up, reversing to a headlock takeover of his own before kipping up.

Collar and elbow, Crews with a headlock, Slater shoots him off, takes a shoulder block, drop down, drop down, arm drag, Apollo with one in return and a dropkick. Ducking the Stinger splash, schoolboy pin, he passes Crews outside and goes to throw him back in the ring. Cover gets two, reverse chinlock applied.

Apollo backs him in the corner to escape, off the ropes for a boot, jumping lariat to a kip-up, he's fired up, both men ducking kicks, Crews gets an enzuigiri off...

Apollo Crews wins by pinfall with the Blue Thunder Driver.

Commentary promises us followup on the Reigns/Strowman aftermath and we go to break.

Back from commercial, commentary talks about Strowman/Reigns a bunch more and Kurt Angle makes his entrance.

He says a physical match like that has consequences, and Roman re-injured his ribs among other injuries, and Braun tore his rotator cuff. But he spoke to both men and they made it clear they're not done with each other. As General Manager, he's been talking with officials all day to make the best of the situation, and they'll have answers later--

(Wyatt noise.)

Enter Bray Wyatt. He asks Kurt to forgive him and says they haven't had the pleasure of being introduced, so he introduces himself and offers a hand. Angle shakes his hand, and Bray says he understands the apprehension but he means Kurt no harm, he's not here for destruction yet.

He has, in fact, come to us as a savior, and last night he closed the chapter of Randy Orton, who will forever be trapped inside his House of Horrors as he burns for his sins. (Or, y'know, until he appears on SmackDown tomorrow.) But from those ashes he'll write something new here on Monday Night Raw.

Bray says he's reborn, rising from the hell of his own creation like an angel with burnt wings, and he understands what he must do. He hears our cries for salvation, he knows what ails each and every one of us, and he can fix us. The cure is in his mind, in his voice, in his hands, and Angle needs him.

He asks Kurt if he's going to let him do his work, if he'll walk by his side or stand in his way. Angle says he doesn't know what Bray has planned, but he needs to remember that this is his show. Wyatt laughs and says this may be Kurt's show, but this is his world.

Off to break, I guess.

Back from commercial, Dean Ambrose rolls up to interview Seth Rollins in the locker room. Seth complains that it's unscheduled but Dean points out they have cameras there. Ambrose continues that he's pretty good at this and thinks they might be giving him his own show on the Network and pitches some name ideas that Rollins shoots down.

Seth says he's not overlooking the match tonight but can beat Dean and has before. Ambrose says Seth knows he'll fight hard to win, Rollins says he's got some new tricks, and Ambrose says he was surprised once and you can't do it again, before tossing back to Gorilla.

Austin Aries vs. TJ Perkins

Collar and elbow, Aries immediately throws Perkins and starts punching him in the corner. Whip reversed, up and over, overhead elbow takes TJP down and Austin smashes his face into the turnbuckle. Another overhead elbow, slap to the midsection, TJP turns it around, whip reversed, A Double boxes his ears!

To the apron, neckbreaker over the middle rope, Aries climbs to the top for a missile dropkick for a nearfall. Back up top, TJ crotches him in the Tree of Woe and goes to work on the knee, clobbering it with a running dropkick as A Double screams agony and we go to break.

Back from commercial and TJ is standing over Aries' prone body and dabbing. Cross-leg butterfly lock applied, Austin claws to his feet and escapes with a Manhattan Drop only to get caught by a turning springboard back elbow. Kip up, Perkins feeling it, putting boots to A Double in the corner and stepping on his knee.

Kick to the knee, Aries throwing elbows to back him in the corner, stumbling all the way, TJ whips him across but Austin's leg gives out on him! Shoulder thrust, scraping and clawing, a second and Perkins goes up and over and locks a half crab on from the top turnbuckle! Thinking ringpost figure four but A Double manages to pull him face first into the ringpost!

On one foot, the adrenaline starts to flow, suicide dive! Back in the ring, overhand chops, the gutbuster / STO / pendulum elbow combo and the adrenaline fades a bit, corner elbow, snapmare, diving corkscrew back elbow gets a nearfall! Trying for a shinbreaker but TJP rakes the eyes and throws a quick trike rush, A Double ducks a roundhouse and connects with the shinbreaker / back suplex combo!

Elbow pad down, rolling elbow countered with a kick to the knee, rolling solebutt, up for the Detonation Kick BUT ARIES COUNTERS MID-AIR TO LAST CHANCERY!

Austin Aries wins by submission with Last Chancery.

After the match, TJP goes back to the leg! Spinning toehold, TJP Clutch is on!

Finn Balor runs into an interview with Dean Ambrose. He's not nervous, he eats nerves and produces results. He's gonna win this match and take the Intercontinental Championship to Balor Club. In that case, Dean only has one thing to say, and he gives Finn a donut to get some carbs into him. Balor takes a bite and hands it back, and the Drifter drifts by.

Dean is into it and asks if he knows any Pearl Jam, and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Goldust is pitching someone on the smash hit of the spring, bigger than Baywatch, greater than Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Shattered Dreams presents The Golden Quest. Turns out it's Kurt Angle and R-Truth translates, saying they want a title shot against the Hardy Boyz.

Kurt got their texts and voicemails but he can't sanction the match, their win/loss record just isn't good enough. Goldy says he gets it, people don't think they're legitimate contenders. They've known each other for years and there's a fire lit under them and they just need a chance to prove they're not a joke. Whatever they have to do, they need this.

Angle says there'll be a Tag Team Turmoil Match next week to crown a #1 contender, and Goldust says that's fair, they shake hands, and Kurt wishes them luck.

Michael Cole tells us congratulations are in order for the Chris Jericho, and we toss to a fallout video of Kurt Angle congratulating the new United States Champion last night.

Finn Balor makes his entrance, our main event is next, after the break.

Back from commercial in time for the rest of our entrances.

Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins vs. the Miz (WWE Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender's Match)

Miz immediately bails and demands the other two fight. Seth with a wristlock to a hammerlock, Finn reverses, cover, Miz tries to get back in but backs off when they notice him. Collar and elbow, Balor gets a headlock, takeover, escape in short order and again Miz tries to get back in before backing off.

Again with the feeling out and again Miz tries to slide back in on the downlow and he gets caught and forced to back off again, but this time Seth and Finn have had enough and follow him outside. Rollins chases him into the ring and he's trapped! Miz begs off, trying to get Balor to help him fight Seth but no dice, so he tries the same thing with the Architect.

Also no, so he goes back to Balor before throwing a punch and eating a strike rush. Seth runs him over, Finn throws him outside, and Rollins grabs a schoolboy for two! Side headlock, Finn shoots him off, leapfrog, Seth wipes Miz out with a slingshot dropkick but takes a low dropkick from Balor moments later.

Face to turnbuckle, body blow, whip reversed, he dodges the charge, enzuigiri from the apron and Miz yanks Finn to the mat! Rollins knocks the A-lister down with a single leg dropkick, thinking suicide dive but Miz puts his wife in the way! The same for Balor on the floor, Seth takes advantage and dives on him!

Back in the ring, the Architect throws the Demon outside, hooks Miz for a suplex, Finn back in and Miz kicks his face off. Back suplex backbreaker on Miz from Rollins, he climbs up top... MIZ SHOVES HIM TO THE FLOOR AND WE GO TO BREAK!

Back from commercial, Miz grabs a reverse chinlock on Finn, taking him to the mat. To his feet, elbows, whip reversed and the A-lister catches him with a kitchen sink knee lift. Thinking Daniel Bryan charging dropkick, Balor cuts him off, lariats, basement dropkick, Rollins back in with a springboard crossbody that nearly spikes his head into the mat!

Miz with a schoolboy pin for two, he passes Seth into the ringpost and now it's time for the Daniel Bryan corner dropkicks, finishing with the Awesome Clothesline as always. Perching up top, diving double axehandle, Balor tries to come back in but Miz dumps him immediately. Daniel Bryan chest kicks on both men, Finn dodges the buzzsaw and sets up a dropkick assisted DDT!

Whip reversals, up and over, Balor with a charging chop on Rollins, Miz gets a boot up on his but Finn kicks him out of the ring and dumps Seth as well. Penalty Kick off the apron on the A-lister! Shotgun dropkick into the barricade on the Architect!

Inverted Bloody Sunday... MIZ BREAKS IT UP! Underhook on Miz, thinking 1916, Miz blocks and throws him outside. Seth with a back elbow, Balor back in for sling blade! Thinking shotgun dropkick but the A-lister crotches him on the ringpost! Skull Crushing Finale blocked, victory roll pin, no good, dropkick to the bad knee, basement DDT... SETH ROLLINS LIVES!

Going after the leg, spinning toehold, Seth kicks him off but Miz catches him with a shoulder kneebreaker! Spinning toehold, the figure four leglock is on! Rollins struggling, Finn breaks it up with a Penalty Kick... NO GOOD! Balor throwing forearms on Miz, spinning backfist, Seth with an enzuigiri, Pele kick in return, Rollins with a last-gasp superkick... NOPE!

Rollins and Balor struggle to their feet, Seth with a charging forearm, a second, hobbling, Miz charges at him and eats the reverse STO into the turnbuckles! Seth to the second rope, double blockbuster! Up top, slapping life into his knee, frog splash... FINN BALOR LIVES!


Sling blade, shotgun dropkick...

(Wyatt noise.)

Bray is on the apron! He knocks Balor off the top... SISTER ABIGAIL!

(Wyatt noise.)

Miz is ready to pick the bones...

The Miz wins by pinfall with a lateral press on Finn Balor, becoming #1 contender to the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Miz and Maryse celebrate on the ramp, and that's the show, folks.

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