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Sheamus is mocking the Broken Hardys, and Matt is threatening to eat him

Could the Sheamus & Cesaro heel turn be the catalyst for Matt Hardy to bring his Broken Brilliance to, and Jeff Hardy to become Brother Nero in, WWE?

Who knows? And considering how much fun its been to see Matt sprinkle in elements of the character he made famous on Impact Wrestling last year into his current on-screen persona, it might be best if they don’t rush into anything.

But on social media, where Hardy’s always been a little more forthcoming in discussing his personality conflict, THE GREAT WAR may already be raging.

Despite taking a loss in the Raw tag title match tonight, the Celtic Warrior is still taunting the (potentially) Broken Ones... specifically about costing Jeff a tooth during their battle in San Jose:

Matt is not taking it well:

So not well, in fact, he’s pulled out a gory vow he hasn’t used much since he turned babyface with the Broken gimmick:

Do Irishmen go well with green beans?

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