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AJ Lee on today’s women in WWE: These girls are wonderful

While promoting the release of her book, Crazy is My Superpower (a good read, according to our own Sean Rueter, check out a full review here), AJ Lee has been fielding WWE related questions from various outlets. Of note, ESPN asked her if it’s bittersweet seeing the success of women in WWE today and whether or not she wishes it would have been that way while she was still with the company.

Her response is just about perfect:

“I don't think so. I think everything happened ... I was very lucky with my career. I got to have the title a lot and be a prominent figure and always have a storyline. I felt appreciated, and I felt used a lot in a really positive way. I know that that wasn't the case for everyone that was on the roster at the time, so I think it would be ungrateful for me to in any way feel like I didn't have a perfect career.

“To me, it was picture-perfect, and I wrote in my book that I felt like it was wrapped up in a tidy bow. I think this is everyone else's time now. It's the evolution, and these girls are wonderful. I hope that they're happy and getting paid equally as the guys are and getting the screen time as much as the guys are. I hope that the next generation is happy.”

That’s a classy way to go about it, considering she has many reasons to feel slighted, even if she has just as many on the opposite side. Good for AJ, and, of course, let’s all hope for the continued success of women in WWE.

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