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WWE announces the release of Simon Gotch

WWE Tweeted out the following moments ago, pointing fans to an article on the company’s website announcing the release of former NXT tag team champion Simon Gotch of SmackDown’s The Vaudevillains:

The post at contains the standard language for this sort of thing, and indicates Gotch may have asked to be freed from his deal:

WWE has come to terms on a mutually agreed upon release with Simon Gotch as of today, April 5, 2017. WWE wishes Gotch the best in all his future endeavors.

Gotch has yet to comment.

While Gotch and his turn-of-the-20th century strongman gimmick will probably be just fine on the independent circuit (where he first caught WWE’s eye working as Ryan Drago for years before being signed in 2013), you have to wonder what this means for his tag partner Aiden English.

Their team was involved in the main roster tag title picture briefly before the brand split, but has struggled to get on television of late, the occassional multi-man match aside.

Best of luck to Gotch, and we’ll keep you posted regarding any other news about the circumstances of his exit... or others that may follow.

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