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If you don’t stop encouraging Matt Hardy, he may end up BROKEN again... or worse

Savvy businessman Matt Hardy may not be able to fully utilize all the elements of the “Broken” gimmick he created while Anthem Entertainment & Impact Wrestling dispute its ownership, but that’s just forcing him to be a little more innovative in how he keeps he and brother Jeff in fans’ minds.

Not that flying around in ladder matches, like they did in their return to WWE at WrestleMania 33, wouldn’t do the trick. But Matt doesn’t seem content to rest on his Attitude Era laurels. After using his Twitter account to claim the support of the crowds at ‘Mania and the next night on Raw helped cure him of his BROKEN ways, he was back online hours later to intimate that chants like “DELETE” could break him all over again.

Or maybe unleash something new... SAVAGE Matt Hardy?

Anticipating what he might do next could actually be better than just getting Broken Matt & Brother Nero on Raw from the jump.

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