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Austin Aries earns another opportunity at Neville’s cruiserweight title

Since Neville retained his Cruiserweight championship against Austin Aries at WrestleMania, it was time to find a new challenger for the King. 205 Live took no time addressing that tonight. They booked a fatal 4-way to crown a number one contender.

The match contained:

  • Austin Aries, who lost to Neville at WrestleMania in a title match
  • Mustafa Ali, who lost to Neville on Raw last night
  • Jack Gallagher, who lost to Neville at Fastlane in a title match
  • TJ Perkins, the first cruiserweight champion but has not been able to reclaim the gold

This was a quick paced match with everyone getting to show off. Early on, it was Perkins who seemed to have control.

But he wouldn’t have all of the fun as the other three would have their moments as well.

It was a fun match with some wild spots. Aries and Gallagher delivered a superplex to Ali while they were standing on top of Perkins. Gentleman Jack did his Mary Poppins umbrella spot from the top rope.

Jack Gallagher would have a hot run towards the end of the match, drop kicking Mustafa from the top rope onto the floor and then going on one on with Austin Aries for bit (in a match I never knew I wanted until now). The Gentleman would knock the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived with a headbutt. He went for the cover but Perkins pulled Aries out of the ring extending the match.

Jack and TJ would go head to head. Perkins landed his Detonation Kick but Jack rebounded off the ropes with another big headbutt. However he fell out of the ring as Aries ran into the ring, nailed a Discus forearm to TJ, and pinned Perkins for the 1-2-3. A Double is once again #1 contender.

The Aries/Neville feud continues. Who’s excited?

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