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Very useful GIFs from Kurt Angle’s first night as Raw General Manager

Even more than the fact its probably the gateway to his eventually returning to a WWE ring for a match or two, Kurt Angle being named Raw General Manager is a boon for wrestling fans. That’s because in addition to being a legitimate bad ass who won an Olympic Gold Medal with a BROKEN FREAKING NECK, Kurt is one of the funniest people to work for WWE in recent memory.

We saw it during his Hall of Fame speech last Friday, and it was on display his first night on the new job last night, too... whether it was soaking in the “You Suck” chant or confirming Enzo Amore’s frequent assertion by saying no college he’s heard of has classes in bonafide stud, Angle got off to a great start on the April 4 Raw.

It was during his segment with Sami Zayn where Kurt gave us GIFs we can probably get some mileage out of. The segment set up a match between Zayn and Jinder Mahal, but it was the furthering of Sami’s character as backstage pest - and Angle’s facial expressions while he droned on - that I expect to see in comment threads and on wrestling Twitter for years to come:

frentique on tumblr

As we head into our fifth straight night of big WWE programming, I can already think of one way to use these:

Same, Kurt.


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