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Matt Hardy says WWE fans cured him from being BROKEN... for now

We’ve all been tracking’s Matt & Jeff Hardy behavior since they returned to WWE - and while they were in Ring of Honor (ROH) - for any signs of “Broken”-ness.

That’s because those “evil” Anthem “Owl-men” are claiming ownership of the gimmick the brothers used on Impact Wrestling, and online, and numerous other independent promotions, throughout 2016.

At WrestleMania 33 and during appearances around the next night on Raw, Jeff has played it straight, while Matt’s offered a few winks to fans who know what’s up without playing the character who inspired “DELETE” chants the world over. On social media, however, where he’s never taken the “#BROKEN” off his handle, the elder Hardy is willing to be a little bolder - like this Tweet from earlier today (April 4) explaining why he’s acting differently, but hinting he could return to his old way...

Who wants to bet that once MeekMahan’s lawyers deal with “the man who’s fond of slapping nuts” in court, the vessel might crack and release some broken brilliance once again?

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