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WWE Payback 2017 results: Bray Wyatt wins the House of Horrors match, thanks to Jinder Mahal

What’s a “House of Horrors” match?

Heading into Payback on April 30, we didn’t know - and neither did Randy Orton, and he was in the thing. His rival Bray Wyatt invented it, and we learned earlier today some of it was pre-taped at an actual house, so we shouldn’t have been too surprised when a night vision shot of a beat up abode featured a shirtless Viper stepping out of a limo.

Orton was beckoned to enter the titular house by Bray, and once inside he was attacked from behind. Wyatt got the upper hand, or boot, stepping on Orton’s neck, telling him he could never leave. But he let him go to walk into a nursery with dolls handing from the ceiling.

There, the Eater of Worlds struck again. And the pattern repeated.

From there it was onto a room with Blair Witch Project/True Detective season one stick sculptures, and then into the kitchen. Wyatt was sent face first into and under the sink while ominous music played, and it looked like it might be the World champ’s night. But, a low blow gave Bray a chance to regain control, and he made the most of it by pulling a refrigerator onto Randy as he writhed on the floor in pain.

Ring announcer JoJo Offerman told us at the outset the match had to be won by pinfall, submission or forfeiture in the ring, so there was some logic when the Eater of Worlds exited the house (screaming the whole time) and climbed in the limo, demanding the driver take him to SAP Center.

At this point, we were left hanging for a while while Seth Rollins and Samoa Joe had a match back at the arena.

After Seth’s victory, a winded Wyatt climbed out of the limo and slowly walked to the stage. Michael Cole, Corey Graves & Booker T assumed a forfeit was on the way, because when we last saw Randy, he was in a dirty kitchen with a fridge laying on top of him.

But after a full Bray entrance, complete with fireflies, Wyatt blew out his lantern in the ring. When the lights came back up, Orton was behind him in the ring, steel chair in hand, and the beatdown was on.

Orton was going to that place when the no-DQ stip really kicked in. The Singh Brothers appeared to grab Randy’s legs to keep him from hitting the RKO. Orton fought them off, but it created an opening for Sister Abigail. The World champ countered that into a RKO, but that was when his Backlash opponent struck. An assault by Jinder Mahal allowed Wyatt to connect with his finisher, and he moves on to Raw a winner, while Randy is more motivated than ever to take on Mahal.

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