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Roman’s spitting up blood, Braun’s ripping off ambulance doors - Payback wasn’t done when the main broadcast ended

If you turned off your television or other networked device when the credits rolled on WWE’s Payback pay-per-view (PPV) on April 30, you missed a couple of noteworthy happenings.

For one thing, the phenomenal sell job Roman Reigns carried all through the main event in San Jose continued after Braun Strowman’s post-match beating. Reigns refused help from trainers and officials as he made is way to the back and toward a waiting ambulance, even stopping to spit up blood on a couple occassions:

Yeah, the blood packs got to be a bit much, but still... A for effort.

And if you noticed the word “ambulance” and wondered if they might do a callback to Braun’s famous “I’M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU” attack of a few weeks back, you’re very observant (and have probably watches some WWE in your life). The Monster Among Men did indeed try to once again finish the Big Dog before he could leave to head to the hospital, but this time, Romey was one-step ahead...

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