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WWE Payback 2017 results: Hardyz remain champs, but Sheamus & Cesaro may have just Broken them

Broken or XTreme, Raw’s tag division is all about the Hardy Boyz.

WWE’s in-show build to the tag title match between Matt & Jeff and Cesaro & Sheamus at Payback tonight (April 30) focused on how pretty much everyone viewed the challengers as after-thoughts. If it wasn’t other teams lining up for the next shot at the champs, The Hardyz, or fans on social media asking the Swiss Superman & Celtic Warrior why they thought they had a chance - it was darn near everyone focuses on every DELIGHTFUL turn of phrase or PIQUANT mannerism from the elder Hardy.

That may well have motivated the former champs, in the match and afterwards.

Both teams got their shots in early, but Sheamus was eventually able to throw Jeff from the ring. After he went crashing into the barricade, the challengers were able to isolate and deliver a steady stream of punishment... but Jeff wouldn’t stay down.

Motivated by “DELETE” and “Let’s go Hardys” chants, Jeff eventually flattened Cesaro & Sheamus and tagged in his brother. Coming in hot, Matt looked to have things wrapped after a Side Effect, but the Celtic Warrior broke up the pin on his partner.

When the action settled down, the Sensei of Mattitude found himself in the Cesaro Swing.

With an assist from Jeff pushing the rope, Matt reached the rope to force Cesaro to release a Sharpshooter. That wasn’t the only close call, either, as a second-rope White Noise from Cesaro almost had Matt down for three, but Jeff broke it up.

The brawl after that left Cesaro in the seats. Sheamus was alone, and looked to have finished off Matt - but he missed a tag to Jeff. While the Irishman was covering the wrong man, he fell victim to a Swanton Bomb and subsequently was pinned himself.

Afterwards, it looked like more of the sportsmanship which has marked this whole program. But while Matt & Jeff were celebrating a moment later, the challengers returned for a sneak attack - and a vicious beatdown.

It’s not clear if the Hardyz are Broken, but they’re still champs.

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