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Report provides spoilers for pre-taped, ‘House’ part of Payback’s Orton/Wyatt House of Horrors match

WWE on YouTube

WWE has been intentionally vague about... well, pretty much everything involved in the “House of Horrors” match between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt set for Payback tonight (April 30) in San Jose.

But while we wonder if they’ll ever formally address the fact Wyatt said it was his official rematch for the World title before they mysteriously just stopped talking about the championship Orton holds - we do have some details about what a “House of Horrors” match is.

Bail out now if you don’t want to be spoiled.

PWInsider confirms the rumor from earlier this week part of the match is pre-taped, and provides spoilers about what was filmed in the “House” part of “House of Horrors”:

- Approximately ten minutes of footage was shot at an actual house

- Orton arrives at said house in a limousine

- Randy & Bray brawl through said house, fighting in and out of several rooms

- One of those rooms has dolls hanging from the ceiling

- They end up in the kitchen, where Wyatt traps Orton

- He then heads outside to steal the limo, and they drive off

From there, they’ll presumably arrive at SAP Center, where the finish will take place in the ring... or at least at the arena. PWInsider did not have any news about how that part of the match will go, or who will win.

This seems like more of the same meant-to-be-scary-yet-comes-across-as-silly stuff we’ve grown to expect from this program. But as my colleague Kyle Decker pointed out, they do have a guy on the roster they could consult with on how to make ridiculous stuff like this fun...

We’ll see how it goes.

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