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Vince McMahon returns to Raw, announces ‘Superstar Shake-up’ for next week

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon returned to television tonight (April 3) on Raw. And as usual when Mr. McMahon shows up, big things happened. And I’m not just talking about reclaiming the Billionaire Strut from Conor McGregor.

No, Vince also confirmed something rumors and reports have mentioned for weeks. While he didn’t reveal details, he did declare a “Superstar Shake-Up” for next week.

Whether that will come in the form of a draft, or just a series of talent swaps wasn’t clear. McMahon also didn’t tell us if it would go down on Raw, SmackDown, or both.

He did introduce a new General Manager to replace Mick Foley for the red brand, but that’s for another post...

How will that GM look to outmaneuver the blue brand’s Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon? And what shake-ups do you want to see for the Superstars of Raw and SmackDown?

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