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Undertaker’s entrance lasted longer than Goldberg’s match at WrestleMania

Undertaker is well-known for having ridiculously long entrances, and Goldberg is well-known for having extremely short matches.

So what happened when this irresistible force collided with that immovable object?

My stopwatch clocked in Undertaker’s WrestleMania 33 entrance at 5 minutes and 24 seconds. This is the time that passed from when the first gong sounded until his entrance music finally stopped playing.

Meanwhile, Goldberg’s actual match against Brock Lesnar lasted roughly 4 minutes and 46 seconds. This is the time that lapsed between the opening bell and closing bell of the fight.

Triple H is also known for having grandiose entrances, but his entrance time at WrestleMania 33 fell about 14 seconds short of Goldberg’s match time.

Goldberg will need to learn a few more moves if he ever hopes to outlast the Dead Man’s walking skills. I guess you could say that the entrance ramp is still Undertaker’s yard.

Are you surprised by this result, Cagesiders? Which one was a better use of your 5 minutes at WrestleMania 33?

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