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Matt & Jeff Hardy’s first promo as Raw tag team champions after WrestleMania 33

Matt and Jeff Hardy returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando and won the Raw tag team titles in a fun ladder match. Their first promo after the fact:

Jeff: "WrestleMania 33, Orlando, Florida, we are back home. I left here in '09 and to return on this night and to win these championships is beyond belief to me. Man, I'm so proud of myself, I'm so proud of you (Matt), I'm so proud of our families, I'm proud to be home."

Matt: "Yes, you said it indeed, my brother. We are home, and the journey was amazing. It was unbelievable. For it to all culminate in winning the Raw tag team titles of the world... we came here and we procure the most prestigious tag team titles that there are. To be here through this beside you, at the biggest WrestleMania in history, the biggest company in history, our home, World Wrestling Entertainment, I can't even explain how wonderful it is. It's just absolutely delightful."

Jeff: "I'm 39 years old and I can still jump off a 14 foot ladder, how cool is that?"

Matt: "You jumping off that ladder and crashing through those two ladders was absolutely wonderful! But you know what the best thing of the whole evening was? We deleted the Club's tag team title reign, yes!"

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