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Zack Ryder gets in the ring for the first time since his injury: Z! True Comeback Story

"I haven't been in the ring since December, since I got hurt. I haven't put on my boots since then. I'm a little nervous but not nervous that I'm going to reinjure myself, I'm just nervous that... okay, all this rehab, all this time off, all this just sitting home doing nothing, I just want it to pay off. I just gotta do whatever I can to make sure that this injury, you know, it happened for a reason and the reason is for me to come back and get to the top. That's on me. It's been 10 years and I'm not thinking about the next 10 years, I'm thinking about the next month, the next two months, the next however long it takes for me to walk through that curtain again, to walk down that ramp, and just do everything I know I'm meant to do."

The latest episode of his comeback story also features WWE stars celebrating his having been with the company for a decade, including a Dolph Ziggler you can get behind.

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